Best Real Estate App: Real Estate Guru for iOS (iPhone) & Android – Free!

Immobilien Guru is a platform with many free real estate calculators that make important calculations of key figures (brokerage costs, yield, etc.) for real estate simple and understandable in no time. The calculators are really super easy to use and always accessible on your phone (whether iPhone, Samsung, etc.). They offer a quick overview of the financeability of real estate projects, profitability and also for landlords there are already first features.

The best app for capital investors

In my opinion, Immobilien Guru is the best real estate app (besides property search)! Developed by me with love and know-how of investors to make the entry into real estate investments as easy as possible.

My name is Stephan Czaja (owner Lukinski). Christmas came to me an idea: Real Estate Guru!

My Mission: Real Estate Guru I developed to make it easier for millions to buy their first property and build wealth.

Who is the app for?

  • For the first property (how to create repayment plan)
  • For profitable capital investment (like yield quick check)
  • For owner-occupants / owner-occupied home (such as brokerage costs)

More about that in a moment!

What functions and calculators does the app have?

These include, among others, these top 3 calculators in the app, which are the most popular among the gurus so far:

  1. Yield Check
  2. Calculate net yield
  3. Calculate brokerage costs

Yield Check: This is what it looks like

Quick and easy yield check? You can do that with this yield check, which is the most popular one so far.

More about the calculators and functions of the app:

For investors & the dream house

The mission is clear: Real Estate Guru is designed to make it easier for millions to buy their first property and build wealth.

The easy way to get started in real estate

For the first property, easy start for all.

The Real Estate Guru app is designed for all people who want to get ready to enter the world of real estate investing. The simple and user-friendly platform provides the perfect entry point for anyone looking to buy their first property to build wealth. Immobilien Guru offers a variety of tools and calculators that make it easy to make an informed decision and realize your dream of owning your own property.

Find investments with strong returns

For profitable capital investment, buy and rent or even alternatives like deal trader with little equity or fix & flip for faster profits.

Real Estate Guru is for those who are looking for a profitable investment. The app offers a wealth of information and tools to invest wisely and make profits. It’s possible to buy and rent properties, or pursue alternative strategies such as deal trading with little equity or fix & flip for faster profits. Real Estate Guru makes sure that you are always informed about the latest developments and trends in the world of real estate investing.

Find dream house and not become poor

For owner-occupants / owner-occupied homes, also for those who are looking for their dream home.

For owner-occupants / home seekers, Immobilien Guru offers comprehensive support. The platform helps you find your dream home and ensures that you are equipped with all the information and tools you need to make an informed decision. From calculating the maximum purchase price to the repayment schedule and checking the gross and net yields, Immobilien Guru offers everything you need to find your dream home.