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Inherit properly: What to consider when inheriting and bequeathing

Inherit correctly – The inheritance law proves again and again as extremely complex topic structure, which is connected by many concerning with large uncertainties and ignorance. If the topic of inheritance becomes acute, it is therefore always advisable to turn to experts such as notaries, tax consultants, estate agents and lawyers. Nevertheless, it makes sense […]

Your Inheritance: Distributing Real Estate and Property

Your Inheritance – A death in the family is often the trigger for a bitter dispute over the estate. A will can remedy this problem by providing clarity about the estate during one’s lifetime. You can find out what needs to be considered and how real estate can be included in a will below. Please […]

Hardship divorce: Divorce without separation year – law & exceptions

Hardship divorce – A hardship divorce is a last resort. There are many reasons for divorce, but if there is such a valid reason for an immediate divorce without observing a separation year, it is possible to apply for a hardship divorce at a family court. However, these divorces are only the very last resort […]

Partition order in the estate of a testator

Partition order – Through the partition order, the testator can change the legal succession in his estate and determine which of his heirs should receive which assets. This allows him to make the order for the division of the estate. It is important to make a partition order specific and unambiguous so that the sale […]