Sell apartment Cologne-Kriel: property, land, procedure

Selling an apartment in Cologne-Kriel – Find out everything you need to know about selling your apartment in pretty Kriel in Cologne. From prices per square meter and most expensive streets in Kriel to the most important documents and the procedure, with our guide you are well prepared for a successful apartment sale. Also: The tasks and advantages of a real estate agent – Welcome to Kriel! Back to overview: Selling real estate in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne Kriel

Formerly known as the “Herrliche Kriel”, the former village settlement has now become one of the top addresses in the upscale Lindenthal district of Cologne. The location is excellent, the connections to the other districts of Cologne very good and the standard of living high. The Beethovenpark and Hans-Groß-Park allow relaxation and recreation and the cityscape is characterized by romantic old buildings and modern new construction.

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Therefore, in Kriel you can count on a quick apartment sale:

  • Excellent location
  • Very good connection to other parts of the city
  • High standard of living
  • Variety of green spaces
  • Beautiful cityscape

Between Deckstein & Klettenberg: Map

The district of Kriel in Lindenthal stretches from Sülzgürtel to Morbacher Straße and borders Deckstein, Neu-Lindenthal and Klettenberg. The neighborhoods of Braunsfeld, Junkersdorf and Neuehrenfeld are also not far away by car and public transport.

Now a look at the mesolayer of Kriel:

Kirchberger Straße, Morbacher Straße & Co: Guidebook

Apartments in Kriel have enjoyed great popularity for quite some time. This is reflected in the prices per square meter. These are particularly high in the south-west of the district. The most expensive streets include Kirchberger Strasse, Hermeskeiler Strasse, Morbacher Strasse and Guldenbachstrasse. Apartments are also in high demand near Zülpicher Strasse. We will come to the exact prices per square meter in a moment.

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Loft, old building apartment & penthouse: square meter prices

If you would like to sell your apartment in Kriel, you can expect an average of 5,550 euros per square meter, in the south-west of the city even 6,000 euros. The exact asking price of your property depends on the valuation. We always recommend having this done professionally. Year of construction, equipment, location and condition of the property are only a few of the decisive factors.

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Valuing an apartment: Determining the asking price

Every owner wants to market his property at the best possible price. For the buyer, the price must be realistic and comprehensible based on the characteristics of the property. In the offer price determination, gut feeling is not a good advisor, as emotions get in the way of a realistic price determination. With a market value appraisal from a professional valuation, you can find out what the optimal selling price is. If an offer is too expensive, the sale is unnecessarily protracted and can even declare a property a “slow seller”.

Advantage of the valuation: setting a realistic price

When it comes to determining the value of the property, the size, location and condition of the property play an important role. Other influential details are the demand in the particular location in Kriel, as well as the comparative prices with other properties. Turn to an experienced real estate agent for the valuation, you exclude the risk of loss and all other pitfalls. You save time and do not have to deal with the complex issue of selling real estate yourself.

These factors affect the value of your home:

  • Location
  • Size
  • State
  • Year of manufacture
  • Equipment
  • Market situation

A garden, terrace or balcony also increase the value of your apartment:

Hübscher Balkon eines Mehrfamilienhauses vor blauem Himmel

Process: From planning to execution

Selling a condominium requires consideration in terms of the appropriate timing and must be well planned. Extensive preparations are necessary. In addition, the appropriate price must be found and the property must be marketed in the best possible way. This is followed by the completion of the sale, in which you will be assisted by a notary as a neutral intermediary. The entire sales process can be divided into three phases:

Preparation – Sale – Settlement

So that you have the most important steps of the process at a glance, here is our checklist:

  1. Assemble important documents
  2. Rate apartment
  3. Create exposé
  4. Advertise apartment
  5. Preparesales meetings
  6. Conducttours
  7. Credit check of the interested parties
  8. Draw uppurchase contract
  9. Notarization & Signature
  10. Processing

Let’s take a closer look at each phase.

Preparation phase: timing & financial planning

As part of the sales planning process, you will be faced with questions about the duration and process of the sale, as well as the asking price that is appropriate for your property. Write down in advance what ancillary sales costs you will incur. These include the broker’s commission, notary fees, fees for obtaining individual documents and, if applicable, the cost of advertising your home. Also, set a realistic selling date and consider what modernization and renovation work you will need to do in advance.

These factors are what preparation is all about:

  • Sales period
  • Service charges
  • Real estate preparation

Sales phase: marketing & purchase price negotiations

To get your apartment to the buyer, you need to market your property first. This can be done either defensively or offensively. If you prefer a discreet sale or if your apartment is particularly exclusive and luxurious, you can also opt for an off market sale.

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Three marketing strategies:

  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Off Market

The listing of your apartment is followed by the viewing. In order to get a better picture of the apartment, most future owners would like to attend the viewing in person. It is rare that the prospective buyers are represented by someone else. Prepare yourself thoroughly for the sales talks and purchase price negotiations and dare to use your documents as a support for your argumentation.

Processing: Purchase contract, notarization & handover

The buyer is found? Congratulations! If the credit check is positive, you can start drafting the purchase contract. This will then be signed and notarized together with the buyer at the notary appointment. Important: Do not hand over the apartment until you have received the full purchase price. You have two options for paying the purchase price: Either have the money transferred directly or have it done through the notary’s escrow account.

Apartment handover only after receipt of the full purchase price

The property must be handed over broom-clean, so you should thoroughly clean and tidy your apartment beforehand:

Eingang eines großen Hauses mit großen Fenstern, durch die die Sonne scheint, glänzendem Parkett und modernisierten Einbauschränken

Sell apartment privately or with a broker?

This question faces every owner who wants to sell his apartment. Private owners usually undertake the sale of apartments only once in a lifetime and do not have the necessary experience. If you want to sell a property in Kriel, you should consider in advance whether it is an offer to owner-occupiers or to capital investors. Even if the key data are the same: to convince an investor, even more negotiation expertise and real estate core competence are necessary.

Target group influences sales strategy

In other words, the more exclusive the property, the more we advise leaving the sale to an expert. Here is an overview of the advantages and tasks of a real estate agent.

Hiring a real estate agent: tasks & benefits

An experienced real estate agent supports you during the entire sales phase and also advises you on the topics of taxes and financing. He takes care of the preparation and planning of the sale, the sales phase and settlement. The advantage for you as a seller: You save time, energy and by avoiding unnecessary mistakes also costs! Some brokers also bring along their own buyer and investor network, which makes the sale immensely easier.

Advantages: More time & less stress

The tasks of a broker summarized:

Private real estate sale without an agent: tips

If you decide to sell your apartment without the help of a real estate agent, it depends on a few details. Plan in advance what additional costs you will incur and how long the sale of the apartment may take. Analyze your target group in advance and choose a suitable marketing strategy. Protect yourself from non-payment by checking the creditworthiness of the prospective buyers and prepare a handover protocol in addition to the purchase contract.

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With these tips, you will be well prepared for a private sale:

  • Weigh incidental costs in advance
  • Determine realistic time of sale
  • Detailed preparation
  • Select suitable marketing strategy
  • Check creditworthiness of the buyer
  • Prepare handover protocol

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