Cellar of the house: finishing or storage room

Cellar – A cellar can be used in many different ways. The development as a living space, guest room or office is just as possible as a use as a storage room. If the cellar has an access to the outside, bicycles or garden tools can be stored in the rooms. Basement rooms must be planned for when building a new house. The costs are high. They run into five figures depending on the size of the basement. A basement can be installed at ground level or partially raised out of the ground. Both construction methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Natural daylight in basement rooms

If part of the basement is above ground, it is possible to install windows for the incidence of natural daylight. If the cellar is at ground level, the windows require a light well. The incidence of light is reduced. If you can influence the construction during the planning phase, it is advisable to provide natural light incidence in the cellar. The possibilities for use are more flexible if the cellar rooms are equipped with a window. In the case of a basement at ground level, make sure that the light wells are large enough to ensure natural light incidence.

Basement size

Many builders opt for a full basement. This variant has the best price-performance ratio and offers the most space. Alternatively, it is possible to have only part of the house built with a cellar. A basement requires earthworks, which are a high cost factor. The basement walls are built onto a floor slab. If you compare the costs for a full cellar and a partial cellar, the full cellar is often cheaper. Even with a partial basement, there are costs for excavation and the floor slab. The extra cost of a full basement is often less than you think. However, you gain valuable space.

Possible uses of the cellar rooms

The use of the basement is determined by the equipment. If the rooms are to be used for living or as an office, the outer walls and windows must be insulated. Connect the rooms to the central heating system. This is cheaper than opting for electric heating in the basement rooms. The electrical system is installed in most basements during the construction phase. If the basement is not insulated, it can be used as a storage room. In older homes, there is often a garage in the basement. The space has a wide door and can be used for other purposes. Since modern cars are larger than they used to be, the space is often too small for parking the vehicle. It is still possible to use it as an office, workshop or hobby cellar. If the access to the outside is maintained and there is enough space in the house, you can also think about a new design as a granny flat or holiday apartment.

Basement extension as part of a renovation

If basement rooms are available, they can be renovated or newly created at any time. Insulation, the laying of electrical cables and the connection to the heating system can also be carried out in older houses. This makes it possible to adapt the use of the cellar to new needs.

Cellar increases the resale value

Properties with basements are very popular with potential buyers. In our experience, houses with a basement are more valuable than properties built on a floor slab. A basement can add a five-figure amount to the value of the property and is very popular, not least because many builders choose not to include a basement in new properties.

Further information on the subject of building and selling a house

Here you will find further important information on the subject of building a house and selling a house, as well as tips and advice that you must follow.

Planning and financing: costs, credits, tips

In most cases, the purchase of a property is accompanied by financing. Very few property buyers are in a position to pay cash for their property. Financing for a property usually extends over a period of ten to 30 years. Careful planning is therefore very important. A stable income is one of the essential requirements for secure financing. The income should be secured for the financing period. You must take into account changes in life planning as well as the possibility of loss of earnings due to illness or unemployment. Young couples may want to have children, which also affects income.

What types of houses are there? Real estate guide

You just need a little more space? However, the choices of real estate these days are very large. Especially when buying a property, there are many factors to consider and choosing the right type of house is essential. What house types there are, and what makes each of them, we would like to tell you in this article. Learn about the characteristics and special features of each type of house, and let us show you the advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this guide, it should be easier for you to choose the property that is perfect for you. Get an overview and learn about the world of bungalows, terraced houses and villas!

Garage and carport: architecture, weather resistance, differences

A garage or carport for one or two cars is very popular with homeowners. If a carport or garage is included in the exposé, the interest of potential buyers is greater than if the vehicle is parked on the street or unprotected in front of the house. Installing a carport or garage not only provides greater convenience when using your own home. These additions also have a positive effect on the resale value.

Roof: planning, construction and renovation of roof trusses & roof coverings

Modern roofs can have different shapes. For centuries, the classic gable roof was the most common roof shape in Germany. It was often modified into a hipped roof and equipped with dormers to make effective use of the space under the roof slopes. Tent roofs are used in the new city villas with two-storey construction. As part of a renovation, the shape of the roof can only be changed slightly. If you plan to do so, you will have to fundamentally redesign the house. Roofing, on the other hand, is often the subject of renovation. Tiles are used, which are available in various colours, shapes and designs. A new roof covering often goes hand in hand with a renovation of the roof structure. If the construction is fundamentally new and of high quality, a roof can last at least 50 years without the need for new renovation.

Outdoor facilities: What you need to consider for the front garden, terrace and garden

Many buyers who want to purchase a house with land attach importance to a beautiful design of the outdoor facilities. If you offer a property for sale with attractive outdoor facilities, experience has shown that you will quickly find interested buyers. If you decide to leave the house sale to a professional partner, you will save a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about contacting possible interested parties and you can go about your work and everyday life.