Build or buy an apartment house? Construction Costs, Interest & Financing

Building multi-family houses – The effective interest rate for mortgage loans (construction interest) fell by -6.4% from 1994 to 2018 (last survey) to just 1.4%. You’re convinced you want to buy? Then you can find our guide here: Buy an apartment building.

Build an Apartment House: Building Interest and Construction Financing

Construction interest rates have been at rock bottom for several years. A building interest comparison is worthwhile, because: How long will it remain like this? Many of our customers approach us with the question whether it is worth waiting or whether the interest rates will rise again in the future. Building interest rates do not just stand on their own, but also have a significant influence on mortgage interest rates. In our consultation you will find out quickly and reliably when and how you can best finance and secure the favourable building interest rates.

The current building interest rates form the foundation of every real estate financing, including the development of building interest rates. This is because the building interest rates are responsible for the additional costs of your building loan as a net amount. The more expensive the building interest is at the time of your financing, the more money you have to pay back to the bank. Conversely, you can save money by choosing the right time and financing when the interest rates are at a low point. Mortgage interest is not a static figure. The interest rate can change at any time and either rise or fall.

Time for financing

You choose the right time for a mortgage loan primarily based on your personal preferences and focus on when you want to buy a home. However, your personal circumstances are not the only factor that should underpin your decision. It is just as important that you keep an eye on the external conditions and finance at the moment when building interest rates follow a downward trend. As a potential owner, you do not need to know the market or delve deeper into the interest rate policy.

Factors that influence the building interest rates

One of the main factors influencing building interest rates is the economic situation of a country. Germany’s economy is booming, which is naturally reflected in the building interest rates. The better the economic situation, the cheaper you can finance construction. Since construction financing is largely handled via mortgage bond transactions, low interest rates for government bonds are the best basis for your real estate financing. If you finance now, you will benefit from amazingly low construction and mortgage interest rates. The performance of government bonds in combination with low interest rates for mortgage bonds results in a chain reaction that results in the most favorable construction interest rates. Many of our customers assume that the construction interest rates are related to the key interest rate of the ECB. Although this is currently also more favorable than ever, the key interest rate does not directly influence the construction interest rates. On the other hand, your personal requirements such as the equity capital you bring with you, the term and the repayment amount have a great influence on the individually calculated building interest.

You should pay the greatest attention to the debit interest when calculating your construction financing. Because the debit interest influences the entire interest commitment for your building loan and is therefore a fundamental factor if you want to finance cheaply and advantageously. We will be happy to advise you on your individual options and support you in finding the optimum repayment for you and calculating your monthly installments based on your own ideas. The lower the debit interest rate, the cheaper your construction financing will be.

Development of the interest rate

For some years now, building interest rates have been stable and low. But which trend will the building interest development follow and is it worthwhile to fix a long debit interest commitment now and to protect against a possible rise in interest rates? Or will the building interest rates continue to fall and you are financing too expensively if you decide now for a fixed interest rate with a term of 10 or even 20 years? If you understand the type of interest rate and apply the interest barometer correctly, you will get a transparent overview of the current and future development of building interest rates.

Mortgage interest rates: effects & possibilities of influence

The term mortgage interest is now replaced by the term construction interest. The building interest, or mortgage interest, determines whether a construction loan is cheap or expensive. Due to the current historically low building interest rates, you can finance your real estate at a very favourable rate and secure an advantage that has a lasting effect on the overall financing costs.

Effective interest rate for mortgage loans

From 1994 to 2018 (last survey), the effective interest rate for mortgage loans (construction interest) fell by -6.4% to just 1.4%. Effective interest rate for mortgage loans in Germany over time:

  • 1994: 8.8%
  • 1998: 5.3%
  • 2004: 4.4%
  • 2008: 4.8%
  • 2014: 2.2%
  • 2018: 1.4%

Heating System: Energy & Saving Money

The topic of heating is not only interesting for building owners, but also for property owners. Heaters are not only necessary in a real estate, but also legally required. What types of heating are there, how do they have to be maintained and are there legal subsidies for the construction of certain types of heating or do the costs have to be paid completely by the owner?

Solar heat: solar energy

Solar thermal is the process by which solar energy is converted into usable heat. In residential properties, the heat produced is usually used to heat water or for heating. Depending on the location and conditions of the property, this system can completely replace the previously used heating system.

State subsidy of 2,000 euros

Gas heating: heating with natural gas, liquid gas or biogas

Gas heating is probably the most widespread type of heating in Germany and rightly so, because the system offers many advantages. Modern technology, efficiency and inexpensive offers characterize the gas heating. In addition, they are easy to combine with renewable energies, save space and can be easily installed during modernization and renovation.

Oil heating: heating with fuel oil or bio fuel oil

Oil heatings are after gas heatings the probably most frequently occurring systems in Germany. The function mode is simple and works for decades in the same way. The fuel fuel oil is pumped over an oil pipe to the heating system where it is sprayed and burned. The heat generated during this process is used to warm up the heating water and thus to heat the house. Most of these components can be found in the boiler, which now takes up little more than one square meter of space and can even be hung on the wall, depending on the model.

Pellet heating: ovens with pressed wood residues

A modern pellet heating system is known for low fuel costs as well as for environmentally friendly heating and is therefore one step ahead of conventional gas and oil heating systems. Also the function mode is relatively simple. The wood pellets are periodically delivered to the combustion chamber by means of a feeder, so the correct filling is fully automatic. The heat generated by burning the pellets is used in a separate boiler to heat the water. Thus, both the heating can be operated and the hot water can be produced.

Heat pump: heating with the heat of the environment

Technically speaking, a heat pump is a system that can extract thermal energy from a medium with low temperatures through technical work and supplied working energy. That sounds first once quite complicated, the principle of the heat pump is however actually quite simple. The heat pump extracts heat from the different energy sources air, earth and water and uses it to heat water for heating purposes. For this purpose external electricity must be supplied, but not as much as would be necessary for a normal heating system.

Extra: infrared heating

Even if the conventional heating systems have proven themselves, infrared heating is definitely an alternative that should be considered. Although heating with electricity is generally considered expensive, there are other factors that make heating with electricity economical. Our detailed guide will tell you which points are important and when heating with electricity is worthwhile.

Extra: fireplace & stove

A fireplace provides relaxation, well-being and warmth. Therefore it is also not surprising that fire-places and other furnaces stand right at the top of the desire list of owners. Particularly on cold days there is nothing more beautiful, than to kuscheln itself before a cozy fire-place brimming with warmth and to enjoy the time. There are many different types of fireplaces. From open and closed up to tiled or pellet stoves which all have advantages and disadvantages.

Rental: Laws, taxes & tenants

Renting a property can be a great extra income, but it can also become your main job. Landlords have many duties towards the tenant and have to take care of the property. However, if this is successful, a lot of profit can result. We will explain how you can best let your property and how to find the right tenant for you.

There is so much to learn!

The right tenants, suitable lease & Co.

How do I set the rental price correctly? How does my advertisement appear attractive? And how do I draw up a suitable and fair rental contract? A future landlord asks himself all these questions, because in order to successfully rent out a property, a lot of knowledge and experience is required. But if you follow a few simple steps, you will make the leap to a successful landlord and profit from the earnings.

In addition come: Landlords have many duties and tasks, among these are for example the organization when changing tenants or the annual preparation of a service charge statement for the tenant. The rent can be set with the help of the local rent index, but it must always be considered whether the region concerned has a rent brake or not. The rental agreement should be fair for both tenant and landlord and should regulate all important points. When choosing the right tenant, it is not only the sympathy effect that counts, but also other important factors, such as creditworthiness – learn everything you need to know about renting your property in our article.

The correct tenants, suitable lease & Co. read on here: