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Outdoor facilities: What you need to consider for the front garden, terrace and garden

Outdoor facilities – Many buyers who want to purchase a house with a plot of land attach importance to a beautiful design of the outdoor facilities. If you offer a property for sale with attractive outdoor facilities, you will quickly find interested buyers, according to experience. If you decide to leave the house sale to a professional partner, you will save a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about contacting possible interested parties and you can go about your work and everyday life.

Design options for outdoor facilities

Exterior landscaping includes the area in front of the house, but also the garage and carport, as well as outbuildings. A finished garden can significantly increase the value of a property. The size of the garden plays a rather secondary role. A beautiful lawn, attractive planting and an enclosure with fences or a green pergola increase the value of your property. Potential buyers appreciate attractively landscaped outdoor areas because the labor involved in planting the garden is eliminated. Plants grow with each passing year, increasing their value. If you have chosen rare plants or combined them in such a way that the garden blooms all year round, this also has a positive effect on the purchase price. Outbuildings are practical because they offer a lot of space and variable uses.

The front garden: Best fenced and the paths paved

The garden plot owned by a property owner begins at the edge of the road or at the end of the footpath. Regulations may vary in different cities and towns. However, it is usually the case that houses have a front yard. It does not matter if it is a detached single-family home, a townhome or a duplex. Between the footpath and the outer wall of the house, the front garden can be individually designed.

The size depends on the width of the house and the distance to the sidewalk. Houses with a large front garden are popular because they are slightly off the road. If you want to sell a house with a large front garden, its design is an important criterion. It is advantageous to have fencing around the area facing the footpath and the road. In this regard, fences made of metal are considered more likely to increase in value than a wooden fence, which requires regular maintenance, due to its durable structure. Tall plants that interrupt the view of the house and provide some privacy are also considered to add value, as is the installation of paved walkways.

The terrace: ideal with fixed gazebo or pergola

The terrace can be located directly at the house or in another area of the garden. Newer houses are characterised by a terrace that can be reached from the living room via a French window or balcony door. This is sometimes not possible with older houses. They would require extensive remodeling, especially if the basement is not at ground level under the house. If you want to sell a house with a high basement and you have put the patio in another area of the yard, it also counts as a value-added outdoor feature. Fixed gazebos or a pergola that is naturally landscaped are popular.

The garden: always a plus for nature lovers!

The garden is an important element of the exterior. If you sell a house that has a beautiful garden, you can increase the price. Popular with buyers are large lawns with a dense, beautifully manicured lawn in a rich green. Borders of plants should be separated from the lawn by stones or a lawn edging. Fruit and vegetable gardens attract the interest of enthusiasts. But there are also customers who want a low-maintenance garden with lots of greenery and few plants.

Very large gardens are no longer so popular, especially with young buyers, because the maintenance effort is quite high. Small, lovingly landscaped gardens combined with a property that is ready for immediate occupancy are popular purchases. The demand for well-maintained properties remains high.

Further information on the subject of building and selling a house

Here you will find further important information on the subject of building a house and selling a house, as well as tips and advice that you must follow.

Planning and financing: costs, credits, tips

In most cases, the purchase of a property is accompanied by financing. Very few property buyers are in a position to pay cash for their property. Financing for a property usually extends over a period of ten to 30 years. Careful planning is therefore very important. A stable income is one of the essential requirements for secure financing. The income should be secured for the financing period. You must take into account changes in life planning as well as the possibility of loss of earnings due to illness or unemployment. Young couples may want to have children, which also affects income.

What types of houses are there? Real estate guide

You just need a little more space? However, the choices of real estate these days are very large. Especially when buying a property, there are many factors to consider and choosing the right type of house is essential. What house types there are, and what makes each of them, we would like to tell you in this article. Learn about the characteristics and special features of each type of house, and let us show you the advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this guide, it should be easier for you to choose the property that is perfect for you. Get an overview and learn about the world of bungalows, terraced houses and villas!

Garage and carport: architecture, weather resistance, differences

A garage or carport for one or two cars is very popular with homeowners. If a carport or garage is included in the exposé, the interest of potential buyers is greater than if the vehicle is parked on the street or unprotected in front of the house. Installing a carport or garage not only provides greater convenience when using your own home. These additions also have a positive effect on the resale value.

Roof: planning, construction and renovation of roof trusses & roof coverings

Modern roofs can have different shapes. For centuries, the classic gable roof was the most common roof shape in Germany. It was often modified into a hipped roof and equipped with dormers to make effective use of the space under the roof slopes. Tent roofs are used in the new city villas with two-storey construction. As part of a renovation, the shape of the roof can only be changed slightly. If you plan to do so, you will have to fundamentally redesign the house. Roofing, on the other hand, is often the subject of renovation. Tiles are used, which are available in various colours, shapes and designs. A new roof covering often goes hand in hand with a renovation of the roof structure. If the construction is fundamentally new and of high quality, a roof can last at least 50 years without the need for new renovation.