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House types: What types of houses are there? Real estate guide

House types – you just need a bit more space? However, the choices of properties these days are vast. Especially when buying a property, there are many factors to consider, and choosing the right type of house is essential. In the following article, we would like to tell you more about the different house types […]

Half-timbered homes: buy, renovate or sell historic homes with beams? Comparison & tips

Buying a half-timbered house – Investing in a property or selling a house is always a question of the right approach. This is especially the case with historic buildings such as half-timbered houses. The cute, historic buildings are especially common in our latitudes, but is it worth the investment in such an old masonry or […]

Sell your Real Estate / Property: Condo, house, apartment buildings

Selling property – You want to sell your property? For the successful and profitable sale of a property, the first step is always a well-founded and realistic valuation. In the end, this determines the selling price to be set. In the next step real estate agents bring your real estate to solvent prospective buyers, here […]

Planning the garden correctly – from swimming ponds to herb beds

Garden planning – A beautifully designed garden not only means relaxation and a break from everyday life, but also a feel-good area and a connection to nature. However, the design is often difficult. Not enough space or few design ideas are just a few of the many reasons for this. In order for the garden […]

Index rent as variable base rent

Index rent – Index rent is a variable rent, which means that an agreed basic rent is changeable. It is therefore a written agreement where the rent may only refer to the consumer price index (CPI). However, if the contract refers to any other index, it is invalid. Furthermore, the rent must remain unchanged for […]