Semi-detached house – costs, sound insulation & floor plan

Semi-detached house – A semi-detached house refers to a property consisting of two units. As a rule, the semi-detached houses are structurally separated from each other and are only connected by two exterior walls that lie together. These exterior walls are usually provided with fire and sound protection. Depending on the segment and the cost, there are semi-detached houses with and without garages and from the uniform village house to the city villa. There are of course also great differences in the style of construction, so many young families opt for a semi-detached house with a modern floor plan and usually a gable roof. When buying a semi-detached house, you can usually expect costs of at least €150,000. Upwards there are practically no limits regarding the comfort and the corresponding price. Due to the direct adjacency to the neighbouring house, it is often acquaintances who decide to move in next to each other.

Semi-detached house at a glance

  • Property consisting of two units
  • Structurally separated, connected by adjoining outer walls
  • Fire and sound protection available
  • Costs: from 150.00€
  • Mostly saddle roof
  • Increased number of acquaintances using a semi-detached house

Here you can take a close look at what a semi-detached house in the luxury segment can look like.

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