The Biggest Mega Projects Under Construction In 2023 – Video Docu

Megaprojects Under Construction in 2023 – From the tallest skyscrapers to some of the largest real estate projects in history. And from intracontinental rail networks to a groundbreaking nuclear megaproject, here are the 23 largest megaprojects under construction in 2023. The world of construction marvels and technological feats has outdone itself once again. From innovative infrastructure projects to bold architectural ventures, the scale and ambition of these megaprojects is hard to beat. Let’s take a look at which projects will revolutionize the world of construction and engineering.

Maya Tren

An ambitious rail system that will connect North America with Central America. The Maya Tren promises faster and more efficient travel between the continents.

Yinjianbuhan Tunnel

This underwater tunnel in Asia will be the longest of its kind and will enable the connection of two cities through an underwater link.

The Line

Saudi Arabia is planning to build a futuristic city without roads or cars. Instead, autonomous vehicles will crisscross the city, which is focused on sustainability and innovation. A 170-kilometer-long, 500-meter-high mirrored line will soon crisscross the Saudi Arabian Desert. People will live and work in it. Another project of superlatives, after the mirrored concert hall was already inaugurated recently. “The Line” will be the name of the city, with over 9 million inhabitants. Under the title “What if we could start again” only the ideas are presented.

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Wasl Tower

The tallest skyscraper in Dubai will not only dominate the skyline, but also shine with innovative design and sustainable technology.

Eko Atlantic City

This gigantic construction project in Nigeria aims to build a new city on an artificially raised island off Lagos.


A network of high-speed trains in Indonesia to improve inter-island connectivity and facilitate mobility in the region.

Chūō Shinkansen

Also known as “Maglev,” this Japanese bullet train will allow travelers to commute between Tokyo and Nagoya at incredible speeds.

Merdeka Tower

Malaysia’s proudest construction, expected to be the third tallest building in the world and redefine the Malaysian skyline.

Doha Metro

Qatar is building a state-of-the-art metro system to facilitate mobility in the fast-growing city of Doha.

Dasu Dam

A giant dam in Pakistan to provide renewable energy and secure water supplies.

Western Sydney Airport

Australia is expanding its airport infrastructure with a new international airport in Sydney to handle increasing passenger traffic.

Incheon International Airport

South Korea is expanding one of its main airports to accommodate growing air traffic.

MSG Sphere

A groundbreaking entertainment building in Las Vegas that will provide an immersive experience for concerts and events. Las Vegas, the city of dreams, has outdone itself once again by producing the latest and most ambitious architectural marvel – the Las Vegas Mega-Sphere. With an investment of $2.3 billion, this groundbreaking structure is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a technological sensation.

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Hudson Yards

This mega-project in New York City will create a new kind of mix of residential, commercial and recreational spaces and reshape the urban landscape.

Frankfurt Four

One of the mega construction projects this year, the Frankfurt Four. When I read “Frankfurt Four” in my research, I first thought of a project in Las Vegas, San Francisco, some place where there might be a “Little Frankfurt”. Wrong thought: It’s actually about Frankfurt! This project will change Frankfurt’s skyline.

An ensemble of four skyscrapers in Frankfurt, Germany, that will shape the cityscape and provide modern living space.

Iconic Tower

A project in Australia that is attracting attention with its unique design and sustainable technology.

Rail Baltica

An ambitious rail project that will connect the Baltic states with the European rail network.

Fehmarn Belt Tunnel

An underwater rail link between Germany and Denmark that will reduce travel time between the countries.

Brenner Base Tunnel

This tunnel in the Alps will revolutionize freight and passenger traffic between Austria and Italy.

Flamanville 3

A nuclear megaproject in France that is expected to set new standards in power generation.

Hinkley Point C

Another major nuclear project in the UK, designed to strengthen energy security in the country.


An international nuclear research project developing breakthrough fusion power generation technologies.

New Silk Road

China’s ambitious infrastructure project to boost trade and connectivity between Asia and Europe.

These 23 megaprojects currently under construction around the world represent the height of human engineering, architecture and technology. They will not only reshape urban landscapes, but also fundamentally change the way we live, work and travel. At a time when innovation and progress are playing an increasingly important role, these megaprojects are a clear sign that humanity is reaching for the stars and pushing ever new boundaries.