Become a model! Agency search and application in a model agency

You want to become a model? As a model, you must always remember that big model agencies and model management companies receive hundreds of applications every single day. Some send the application the way they are supposed to and some don’t follow the agency’s guidelines. Take the time to inform yourself. Applications are sent informally via email, photos are attached randomly or are five megabytes each. Models who take the time to inform themselves briefly on the website of the agency, stand out positively in the first seconds. Especially if you want to get into the top agencies, take your time with your application. There are not many top agencies, the chance is often unique. You want to get into one of the best model agencies? In my new book you will find everything about modeling & becoming a model!

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The perfect application in one of the top model agencies

No cover letters, no resumes, no motivation belong in an application. Model agencies need clear information and little visual material. Model scouts sift through many applications every day, their eye for striking faces and special talents is trained. They can judge on the basis of a few facts whether you have a chance as a model in the agency.

Occasionally, model scouts have to turn down great models, for example because there are already too many similar faces on the current model board. If you then join the fashion board as a “new face”, this costs the agency valuable time for the build-up. If there are already internal alternatives, even as a great model you will always be competing with the current board and may even get the one or other rejection that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. But that’s not the end of the world.

The simplest form of application is a friendly email with a short sentence, your measurements and three or four ploaroids. So simple.

Minimum measurements and Polaroids for junior models

When applying for an agency, it comes down to two crucial things: The first factor was self-assessment and knowing which agency you yourself fit into as a type. If you want to work internationally in one of the top agencies, the measurements are an absolute must. If your measurements are too extreme and the proportions don’t fit the agency, you don’t have to apply. This will save you and the model scouts work. Apply only in agencies where you have a real chance to be accepted. The easiest way to find out which models the agency works with is to take a look at the model board. In the modelboard you can see directly which model types the agency represents and which measurements. If you have found the perfect agencies for you, it only depends on one thing, the perfect photo material.

Many models ask the question, “How many photo shoots do I have to do to get into a modeling agency?” or “How much does a professional photo shoot cost?”

As an up-and-coming model, you don’t need a single photo shoot to apply to one of the top agencies! Model scouts in agencies are as just mentioned very practiced and do their job very well. Their eye is extremely trained. Polaroids are very easy, no posing, no styling. What you can make out of a model with stylists and make-up artists, he or she knows himself. More important is an absolute natural impression of you: Polaroids.

Polaroids: Photos for your model agency application

When applying to a modeling agency, the Polaroids are, next to the measurements, the decisive factor in the booking process. You need Polaroids for the application in a model agency and for many future jobs. Polaroids will accompany you throughout your entire modeling career. That special something, for example strikingly beautiful eyes or lips, small features like a gap between your teeth or a birthmark, long and undyed hair, a special charisma. A self-confident, present and friendly appearance. If you meet all the criteria of the model agency and the bookers find you interesting, then you will be invited to a personal interview at the agency.

Now we’ll go through how to take Polaroids for your application and what you need to keep in mind, step by step.

Do it yourself! Make Model Polaroids easily yourself

Your first thought should always be: As simple as possible! For good Polaroids you really only need a mobile phone with a camera. Professional models often take polaroids for the next job in their hotel room or shoot small clips for e-castings with their mobile phones.

Polaroids are clean pictures that show your body and face in different facets and give the agency a first impression of you. Polaroids are easy to take yourself, or you can get help from a friend or family member. Polaroids show you in front of a white wall in daylight so that nothing distracts from you. Try to have little to no shadow. This works especially well when it’s a bit cloudy. Without makeup, wear simple, tight-fitting clothes like skinny jeans or leggings and a simple top or t-shirt. Women should wear high heels with this. A picture should be taken of you in a bikini or underwear. For men, underwear. On one picture you should laugh, on the others you should look expressionless into the camera. Important: No big posing! The pictures should be simple and natural. Briefly summarized

  1. Bright, flat background (ideally)
  2. Unvarnished
  3. Plain, tight-fitting clothes
  4. High shoes for women
  5. Portrait + full body (also in bikini / underwear)

You need a smartphone and a girlfriend or boyfriend

But the easiest way is to quickly grab a friend for your first Polaroids. Stand in front of a white or flat wall, as clean as possible, because nothing should distract from you and your look! On your Polaroids you should leave out any kind of posing. The model scout in the agency is interested in an absolutely natural impression of you. Just imagine that you are standing live in front of the scout. Here you would not pose either. Be natural, look straight into the camera, with a neutral look. Once again in detail, model agencies need the following pictures of you:

  1. A full body picture from the front (photographed frontally)
  2. A full body picture from the side
  3. A full body picture from behind (because of the hair length)
  4. A photo of your face (frontal)
  5. A photo of your profile

Taken with your mobile phone, you need less than twenty minutes for the entire set with a friend. You don’t need any styling, no makeup and everyone has a pair of dark jeans with a white top in their wardrobe.

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