Model agency website: International appearance

It’s good to always have a good example at hand! Today: A multilingual website increases your own visitor flow, especially in international industries! A great example for this traffic increase, through the own internationalization of the company website, offers the model agency, CM Models. After only a few months on the market, we were able to successfully place the agency on page 1 in the Google search engine results. It was especially important to us to get a perfect ranking for the two main keywords “model agency” and “model index” for the newcomer agency from Cologne. No sooner said than done: (search results for “model agency”).

With strategy to perfect content

What we particularly emphasized here were also the framework conditions of the budget of a start-up. That’s why we decided on a content strategy in the end. As a result, we researched a meaningful portfolio of topic-relevant content together with the agency. The list of keywords were then summarized in a content strategy and realized in the last weeks. From our own text creation and with professionals from the industry, we were able to create some interesting catalogs (in the field of fashion, modeling), such as a complete model glossary that defines the most important terms for up-and-coming models in the industry! But also great lists with detailed shopping guides for the biggest 10 cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, …) in Germany. Together with the strong media work of the model agency, we were therefore able to create one of the top model agencies in Germany in just a few weeks – showing relevance on page 1 in search engines under almost all search queries. Congratulations.

With multilingual you increase your website traffic extremely!

To realize a multilingual website is more or less costly, depending on the basis. The most important thing you need for the implementation is a specialist for the production of multilingualism, a (good advertising) copywriter for the text design, as well as sufficient budget (see basis). Specialists, or we as an advertising agency, take care of the planning and implementation of all relevant points. Be it the planning of the content (not all texts are always needed, which in turn reduces the effort) or the new menu navigation in English, Russian, etc., etc., etc. language. What is particularly evident is the increasing relevance of one’s own website.

You have several factors here to which you offer a special added value through the multilingualism by visiting your company website. On the one hand, there are your customers. You now offer many new users information in their native language. As a result, visitors will stay longer on your website and you will be able to expand your circle of interested parties and customers. Secondly, your relevance in the search engines increases. They will see that your site is growing and providing content for other languages as well. So of course you also increase the value of your German-language homepage. Then don’t forget classic PR and marketing. These factors also play a role in your media appearance when it comes to showing presence through size. An internationally oriented website naturally promises every visitor a more ‘international’ company than a website that is only available in one language. This means that you can also show a certain presence within the industry to competitors and, of course, to your customers. The value of their own brand increases from the very first click. Fantastic.