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Striking, extraordinary, loud and commercial. In June 2014, the time has come, a new model agency is created! With the new agency we want to fill an industry gap that exists in Cologne. No agency is wild, loud and extravagant. We will be! Our sedcard selection will be dedicated to models with character. By their age, tattoos or distinctive faces – our model management for demanding projects. A piece of Berlin in Cologne!

“We have an interesting alternative to offer for Cologne TV and advertising agencies.”


Model Media Agency

To date, all our model management projects are represented in the Google rankings with top position. Our children’s model agency Modelkids( even ranks on page 1, place 2 in Cologne. Within only one year we have created a great platform for model bookings. TI Models ( is also holding its own after the first year – castings, catalogue shoots, a lot of B2B (wholesale). Two agencies, more casual, which we are now ramping up with an extravagant alternative for creative clients.

CM Models ModelagenturFor their mobile media in a modern model media agency is essential. We combine marketing & PR of a classic advertising agency with the new zeitgeist and digital, mobile media. The importance of model media is increasing, but the handling between web-based and mobile websites is always an additional effort, both for the project management in the agency, as well as in the communication. Many questions arise here, which we cannot answer all at this point: “Mobile First”, “Always On”, etc. Our model media agency has designed a smart combination of mobile and stationary view for the Cologne model agency. For some high-resolution images in full HD, for others fast loading times and optimized paths (usability). A must for the own websites and the company presence on the Internet for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

We put a lot of effort in the media and web design, in the development of the content and site structure but also and in all points of usability and of course in all communication with our customers – Model Media is effort, but it’s worth it! So we were able to create a modern, mobile online presence for models and bookers for the new Fitness & Tattoo model agency. As you can see, in 2015 media is more elaborate than before – nevertheless, with the right model media agency on your side you can reach tens of thousands of readers very easily. If you have any questions, please contact the model media experts at Lukinski.

Thanks to the whole team of the model agency around Oliver Wasko and Guido Meisenheimer for great cooperation!


Model agency: Page 1 on Google

How efficient such structured online presences of model agencies are, you can see with a simple search query for“model agency Cologne” on Google.


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2015: The model agency for newcomers & top models

The new model agency CM Models will soon establish itself as one of the leading casting and booking agencies in Germany’s fashion world. Already today the agency is not only present in Cologne, but also in Hamburg and Berlin. With modern media, advertising agency in the background and a strong model agency team. Online you can find everything important at! Various sedcard downloads of the individual fitness and tattoo models – in high quality standards – or the effective start page with specially designed images. Besides CM Models there are of course other very good and reputable agencies in Cologne and the surrounding area, including VIA Modelmanagement or Infamous Models. I am always happy to work with fashion and model agencies and hope to be a small part of this wonderful big, small world in the future.

Do you have questions about fashion and model, then look around in the detailed model term glossary of CM Models. Here are not only models valuable tips on how to apply as a fashion model or castings. Also interesting topics for model seekers such as Creative Directors & Co. Here you will find interesting information about agency commissions and booking processes.


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