Bild vom Accessoires-Shopping (Kampagnenplanung, Modelabel)

Model agency, model label & TV – year-end spurt

So slowly our model agency really takes off. We do not have to look forward to 2015, already now: The second fashion campaign! I love the new concept: advertising agency + model management. And it’s catching on!

Model agency, model label – Boah! Today was busy.

The new fashion label (spring 2015) is completely designed by… drum roll: Lukinski! A few weeks ago we had the launch of the new project called ****** (coming soon). The new fashion label is fully equipped with promotional materials and designs by me, an honor. The special thing about it, every single piece of the collection is really 100% handmade! Minimalistic luxury for special people! With this we set another small milestone in the fashion industry. For the first collection in winter/spring I am focusing on minimalistic/clear concepts, lots of gold and strong characters in the model selection.


Because it should be perfect: 100%

The entire media, from logo design to corporate design and web design, the entire development of the website, the online shop and the social media is subject to our design – and we are very excited about the results 2015! Already in the run-up we could win strong media partners, like our social media agency SMO and premium TV partner, for first media contributions to the model agency and our new model label! It’s all about connection & network.

Partner / Relevant links to the topic

Here you can find all relevant links to our new fashion project, our model agency and our media partners in Germany. If you are interested in interviews or press coverage please feel free to contact me at any time.