Models & their model portfolio: structure, photographer search and investments

For many models, the prerequisite for becoming a model is to have as many shoots as possible – not necessarily. Is that really the case? As a new model you have to make sure that you don’t shoot too many photographers. The level must always increase. You should focus and always maintain your exclusivity as a model. When you have your first jobs, the same goes for clients. As a model, you should choose your photographers and clients well. As I wrote in detail in the last blog article, your book is crucial for castings and jobs. You want to get into one of the top model agencies? In my new book you will find all the tips!

Today I want to go over how important it is that you focus your time on the right imagery from the right photographers, as well as the right jobs and clients. After all, many people think, “The more the merrier!” But it’s not like that. So here are two absolute basics for working as a model.

1. quality clients and good sedcard photographers

Modeling agencies make sure that the clients fit you right from the beginning of your career. Many jobs are not served by good model agencies, for example. This includes jobs at trade fairs and many music video shoots. Even as a model without an agency, you should turn down requests whose tasks and fees do not match your experience. But let’s get back to the portfolio: Quality before quantity is the motto. Because of course this is also true for photographers. Why is that? For example, if you go to many different photographers as a young model, you have a lot of material for your model portfolio. Conversely, there is also a lot of material of you to see, for example in social networks. Why would anyone pay high fees for you when too many others can shoot you for free? Also, too many photo shoots will result in duplicate photo sets.

If you’ve made it to an agency or are building your book yourself, pay attention to the diversity of your photos.

2. multifaceted picture material from selected photographers

When young models are accepted into agencies and the first photos appear, many requests from photographers automatically come via Facebook, Instagram and Co. At first you are happy, but at some point it becomes too much. From the beginning you should forward all requests to your agency. They know from experience who is serious and who is not. This way you also show that you don’t work past your management. Managers have the task to explain patience to young models. Offers come and go. But getting the most profitable offers for yourself is a special art. Nobody becomes a star overnight, even the biggest top models started small and worked their way up bit by bit. The same way you have to approach your dream of modeling. As a model it is important to have a multi-faceted book. A good model management gets you contacts to good photographers, so that you build up your model portfolio with selected photographers bit by bit and improve.

Investment in good photographers and photos

After the first test shoots and jobs, your standards rise. You have earned your first fees and now you have the choice to spend the money or invest the money. Only when you have earned your first money, you should think as a model about investing in good photographers. Top photographers, just like top models, don’t work for free. That’s why models have to invest money at a certain point in their career. In new photo material, better photo material, new polaroids and video material.

Important at this point: For the application in a model agency you also need no book, no photos. Simple Polaroids are enough.

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