Hamburg, Berlin, Munich: How do you find the right model agency as a newcomer?

Modeling agencies abound. Small, big, digital, barely known and big players. But how do you even find a suitable model agency? And when is a model agency reputable? Your search will probably start on the Internet. It’s best if your agency is located in your area. Therefore, you should simply enter “model agency + your city” in Google and browse through the results. Since it is generally important for a model to be represented in the larger “fashion & media cities” in Germany, you should search for “model agencies + Hamburg / Berlin / Munich / Cologne / Düsseldorf / Frankfurt”. You will get some results. If you don’t feel like searching yourself, you can also find all the good model agencies here.

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Do it yourself! Find the best model agency

The next hurdle: How do you now recognize which of the agencies are serious at all? One possibility: There are already ready-made model agency lists on the Internet, which are constantly updated, for example the Vogue list. With this list you can assume that only well-known and reputable agencies are listed. In addition, there are also countless bookers and individual model agents and agents who have good contacts and can help you quickly in the career. No matter how, as a committed model you should take a close look at all the selected agencies yourself before you apply. To find out for yourself which agency is reputable, you should go through several steps.

Checklist for serious model agencies

  1. Does the agency website look good?
    A serious model agency has a serious website. A simple, clear design, a high quality board and information about the agency team.
  2. What level are the models of the agency?
    Look at the model board at your leisure and determine the level of the models yourself. The following criteria will help you: Do the models have optimal model dimensions and an impressive face? Are the pictures of the models high quality?
    Does the agency work with reputable clients?
  3. You can easily research this on the agency website or on the agency’s social media platforms. In general, you can easily measure the seriousness of the clients according to their level of awareness. Also the “likes” on Facebook or “followers” on Instagram show how well known and popular a model agency is.
  4. Are there any testimonials from other models?
  5. Research the Internet for testimonials from other models or clients of the agency. Note: Not every comment corresponds to the truth. To get a better picture of the agency you should read enough testimonials and reviews of the agency. In addition, it is to say: See these reviews rather as hints, but make your own picture.
  6. Transparency regarding the agency team (for example through website)

Agency not reputable if:

  1. No/ non-transparent website (no mention of agency headquarters or agency team)
  2. Simple agency admission without prerequisites and interview
  3. No cooperation with serious customers
  4. Admission fees are required

Here you come to my overview with recommendations for model agencies.