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Broker SEO: Tips! Search engine optimization for brokers – Google, Bing & Co.

Realtor SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Realtors in Google, Bing & Co. If someone is looking for you, you should “be there”. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO for short), that means page 1 in the search results on search engines like Google, Bing and others. Regional SEO in particular pays off […]

Partial sale disadvantages? Conditions: Usage fee, total sale – experience

Partial sale makes sense? – More and more people are thinking about the partial sale of their property, whether it is a house, an apartment or a plot of land. But, can a partial sale have disadvantages? In this short guide I want to point out the conditions of the providers and companies, more precisely: […]

Buy a villa in Spain: Mallorca, Ibiza or Marbella? Comparison + Buyer Tips

Spain has many interesting places like Barcelona and Madrid. If you’re really looking for sun, you’re looking at 3 hotspots in particular: Mallorca, Ibiza and Marbella. Three absolutely individual places where I take you! On site, on visits with clients, I always have a little time to spare and little by little, have accumulated so […]

Partial sale of real estate: advantages, disadvantages, tax, divorce, inheritance… Partial purchase

Partial sale of real estate – Is it possible to sell a part of a real estate? Yes! Partial sale of house, apartment and land is possible. Does a partial sale make sense? You can learn the answer here. For many, their own real estate becomes “too big” at some point, and at the same […]

Partial sale apartment: disadvantages, advantages, costs – condominium partial purchase

Partial sale apartment – old building apartment, attic apartment or apartment with terrace and property, many have in particular in the age a problem, the apartment becomes “too large” and the money somehow “ever less”. For many, the partial sale of your condominium seems to make sense. A look at the advantages, disadvantages and costs […]

Partial sale house: sale in old age?! Disadvantages, advantages, experience

Partial sale house – single-family house, terraced house, semi-detached house a whole apartment house and any other type of house – for many at some point the house becomes “too big” and the money “too little”. A quick, uncomplicated solution is the partial sale from the house. Does a partial sale make sense? Whether selling […]

Viva la inflation! Demonetization and real estate financing for owners

Today in the news: USA over 5% inflation! The great spectre of inflation is back. Inflation means “devaluation of money.” What, my money is worth less? A shock to everyone, but not to everyone. Home buyers with loans rejoice over inflation! Money is worth less = goods cost more money to make up for the […]

Property types: Buying an apartment or a house? Return and investment

Buying your first property! But which one? What type of property should you invest in first? Rather apartment types, house types or still commercial? Let’s briefly compare the different options to find the most profitable, uncomplicated entry into the topic of real estate investment. After the comparison, you will see that apartments are the easiest […]

Investment nursing real estate: Buying nursing apartments as an investment – costs, returns & 5 value factors

Capital investment care real estate – care real estate buy as a capital investment? The fewest, who want to invest in real estate, come in the first thought on a nursing home, or apartments. However, it is worthwhile(yield) to take a look at this type of investment, also with regard to the advantages and disadvantages. […]

Buy Roof Tent: Comparison, price, list, tips – Camping up to 4, 5 people in the mobile home.

Buy a roof tent! Good idea, but which one? Roof tents from 1-4 people in comparison – After I have already reported last week about my new mini drone, I wanted to take you today in the world of roof tents! Camping with a roof tent is becoming even more popular at the moment. Having […]