From modernization measures on the facade of existing properties to new construction on previously acquired land, in terms of construction, there are very many questions. Especially for those who are building their first house or apartment building. What do you have to pay attention to when building? What financing options are there besides building savings, hire purchase and loans?

However, those who decide to build a house need not only financing but also ideas! What should the perfect home look like? Designer house, Mediterranean house, Captain house, we show the differences of each type of house. Learn more about the different building materials, building types, architects.

Building – own home or capital investment

Not everyone builds for themselves, many invest in property and view it as an investment. The monthly cash flow is then generated by the tenants. The more units a single property has, the more important the topic of renting is in advance. Property acquisition and project development are then just as much a part as the marketing of the property.