Investment Brochure: Buy Real Estate Special – Germany & USA

You want to invest in your first property? Location, location, location – this is what matters in most cases when buying a house or flat. If you are a guest in our offices, you can get information online, like now, e.g. with your smartphone or, you can access one of our investment brochures. Short, concise and interestingly summarized, you will find the most attractive cities from the USA and Germany, briefly introduced: With important city districts, information on taxes of the federal states and the individual states or provinces. So that you have as little risk as possible.

House & Buy a flat: Real estate investment

Many real estate buyers bring a lot of time with them, some of them need to move quickly. Career changes, spontaneous inheritance, but also tax aspects, such as profits at the end of the year to avoid tax, play a role for some property buyers.

Factor: Time, local knowledge and laws for owners

But it is not only the time that holds risks for many a real estate investor, the lack of local knowledge also ensures that the property search takes considerably longer than planned and causes considerably more sources of error. Sometimes expensive mistakes, after all you are moving in a new legal system (USA or Europe, or Germany).

Risk factors:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of local knowledge
  • New laws and taxes

Real estate yield: city districts in comparison

Some evergreen districts, mainly in the city centres, always pay off for real estate investors in the end. On the other hand, the return on the property is “only” moderate. If you want a higher property return, you have to go to Upcoming districts.

Some buyers, however, will by no means deal with the yield of a property, but first of all with the basics, the mistakes that can be made when buying a property, as well as the procedure, from the search, through the broker of the to purchase contract and notary.

Real estate special: USA, Germany (emigrants)

Hundreds of thousands immigrate to both countries every year, hundreds of thousands leave the countries and look for a new home. Career changes, as described in the introduction, the new love, a spontaneous inheritance or a blatant change of scene. It is not always about investment. This is another reason why our little guides are intended to provide a quick and clear insight into the megacities of both countries.

Example New York City

Here is a little insight into the city that never sleeps. Which districts do you need to know? Which taxes are important for real estate buyers in the USA? Even in the state of New York?

Each individual investment brochure is available in two languages, English and German. Tip! Among the individual investment brochures you will find more detailed information, for example on the square metre prices for condominiums and houses in the respective cities. You can find out about buying a house or buying an apartment free of charge from us at. Here you can access the respective overview, invest in the USA and invest in Germany:

Multi-family houses and renting

You do not want to buy only for your own use but would like to rent out parts of your property? Then there are once again very special requirements, laws and regulations that you need to know.