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18 million Historic villa in the Frankfurt area (private, rental, subdivision) – Off Market

Villa: Build, buy or house with pool? Invest in your modern villa as an investment

Villa – Want to invest your money in real estate and build or buy a house to make the perfect investment? Then buying a house is an ideal investment opportunity. If you have an affinity for luxury and elegance, you should definitely look into buying a villa. A villa is long-lasting and an investment in […]

Designing real estate exposé and taking photos: Mistakes, Templates + Examples

Exposé design and real estate photos – The A&O for a profitable real estate sale. The sales process for the different types of houses is similar, but they all have one thing in common: a strong and convincing real estate exposé. As already described in Selling Real Estate, the sale of a property is like […]

Luxury Real Estate Las Vegas: Summerlin, Henderson, Spring Valley – Buy and invest up to $25 million

Las Vegas – Nevada, one of the world’s top entertainment cities. Not without reason Las Vegas is known for being an entertainment mecca with its 42.5 million visitors per year. Las Vegas lives for the nightlife – the Las Vegas Strip, Freemont Street, the countless casinos, bars and clubs. But also architecturally, the metropolis leaves […]

Real estate tipsters: earn money with recommendations – commission & contact

Real Estate Tipster – Would you like to discover an easy way to earn money by giving us valuable information about real estate sales? If you know acquaintances, relatives, neighbors or landlords who are thinking about selling their property or land, then you’ve come to the right place. At the same time, we have unique […]

Sell your Real Estate / Property: Condo, house, apartment buildings

Selling property – You want to sell your property? For the successful and profitable sale of a property, the first step is always a well-founded and realistic valuation. In the end, this determines the selling price to be set. In the next step real estate agents bring your real estate to solvent prospective buyers, here […]

Firewood: Cheap do it yourself, chopping, stacking and storing + video

Firewood & Fireplace Wood Storage – Larger quantities of firewood, are often stored on properties, either for heating or for your own fireplace. The garden or a barn are readily used for storage. Larger quantities of firewood, once stored on a property, must be stored in a fire protected location. This measure is regularly checked […]

Semi-detached house – costs, sound insulation & floor plan

Semi-detached house – A semi-detached house refers to a property consisting of two units. As a rule, the semi-detached houses are structurally separated from each other and are only connected by two exterior walls that lie together. These exterior walls are usually provided with fire and sound protection. Depending on the segment and the cost, […]