Selling real estate in Bad Nauheim

The beautiful spa town of Bad Nauheim in the Wetterau district not only offers residents a magnificent landscape on the eastern edge of the Taunus. The attractive small town north of Frankfurt am Main is also extremely interesting for property buyers. You can find out how best to sell your property here!

Apartment or house for sale – Procedure

Bad Nauheim has many beautiful streets and corners to offer, but properties on the Hegbachsee are currently particularly popular. However, houses and condominiums in Trebug, Königstädten and Runheim are also currently being sought just as frequently. Accordingly, the region is attractive, not only for buyers, but also sellers can achieve good profits in the current situation when selling your property.

If you want to sell a property in Bad Nauheim, you are welcome to entrust us with your apartment or house. Our estate agents draw on a high level of expertise and have numerous contacts to sell your apartment as quickly as possible at a good price. Why the expertise of an estate agent is important for a successful property sale is easily explained.

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Step by step to the selling price

Selling real estate consists of numerous steps where you also have to consider legal facts. Therefore, the sale of a house through an estate agent is recommended. The real estate sale begins with an assessment of the selling price, which happens either by us or, if desired, by an expert. Next, we clarify all open questions that are necessary for the sale of your property. This includes, for example, whether the proceeds from the sale are tax-free or whether there are obstacles to the sale, such as entries in the land register or similar.

Documents and plans

Then we collect all documents, such as plans, pictures and statements, and write an exposé that describes the property well. With this information we create advertisements in regional newspapers as well as on real estate platforms or offer your property directly to our customers and other interested parties.

Shortly thereafter, we usually hear from a few prospective buyers, who we invite to an inspection appointment. If there is serious interest, a second appointment follows, during which the terms of the contract are often negotiated. Often the potential buyers try to push the price down. However, all Lukinski brokers are very experienced in this field and know exactly how to react to such attempts or how to skillfully avert them.

Once an agreement has been reached, the purchase contract is executed at the notary, the purchase price is paid and finally the property is handed over.

Real estate agent or private?

When selling, you should use real estate agents, they save time, gain security and achieve a good sales price through the existing network and regional regular customers. The sale is time-consuming, from the preparation phase to the distribution and sales phase. Did you know how many documents you need, just to create the Expose? These include, among others:

  • Documents relating to the property (site plan, building plan, etc.)
  • Other plans (building encumbrance register, cadastral plan, waste water plan)
  • Overview of the latest renovation and modernization measures
  • Insurance documents (fire insurance)
  • Overview of ancillary costs
  • Land register excerpt
  • Energy certificate
  • Real estate photos

View the house and apartment market in Bad Nauheim

In order for you to get an idea of the expected sales proceeds in advance, we at Lukinski have compiled the average real estate prices for condominiums and houses in Bad Nauheim for you. These are prices that have been achieved on average in this city in the past. Of course, the sales proceeds always depend on the location, the equipment and the size of your property. In principle, however, the good and medium residential locations predominate in Bad Nauheim.

Houses with normal fittings are currently on offer for an average of 2,350 euros per square metre. New builds are slightly more expensive, costing around 2,960 euros/m2 on average. You can achieve an even higher yield in Bad Nauheim with new-build apartments. These cost an average of 3,600 euros per square metre. It is also exciting to know how long it takes for a condominium or house in Bad Nauheim to be sold.

Properties for sale are available on the internet for an average of 24 days, with houses in Bad Nauheim selling faster than condominiums. At the very least, the dwell time of real estate advertisements suggests how quickly a property in Bad Nauheim sells on average. (Source: Capital)

Average purchase price: apartment and house

  • Apartment; new construction: 3,600 euros / square meter
  • House; Standard: 2.350 Euro / square meter
  • House; new construction: 2,960 euros / square meter
  • Increase (small town average) compared to previous year: 13.7

To renovate or not to renovate before selling the real estate?

Many sellers of condominiums or houses ask themselves whether a renovation before the sale makes sense. A renovation is always associated with a lot of effort and time. Plans must be made, craftsmen organized and of course a renovation also costs money. So you always have to ask yourself first whether you want to do this to yourself. On the other hand, a renovated property offers the impression that the classic property buyer expects: a valuable, clean and intact condition of the house or apartment.

Renovation and costs

By renovating your property, you provide yourself with a perfect basis for achieving a higher sales price. Because with properties that have not been renovated, the buyer never knows exactly what costs will be incurred before he can live in them. In our experience, prospective buyers estimate the renovation costs to be higher than they actually are. You, on the other hand, can save a lot of money with a bold calculation and implementation of the renovation. Often the costs of renovation come back double or triple when selling.

Make your own decision: What will be renovated?

Another point about renovations before the sale is that you can decide for yourself what will be done. You should always invest in painting work. Because freshly painted rooms literally shine and provide a well-kept impression. With the sanitary rooms, such as bathroom and toilet, it always depends on the condition. It is not always possible to remodel an ugly bathroom in a small apartment in such a way that it will have a positive effect on the sale proceeds. Instead, have, for example, the shower hose and other small visual renewals carried out, which will provide the desired good impression. However, there are also cases in which renovation is not worthwhile, for example if an owners’ association is behind the sale or if defects are covered up with a coat of paint that should remain visible in order not to become liable for damages. We at Lukinski will be happy to advise you on the question of whether you should renovate your property before selling it.

Conclusion: Sale in Nauheim

Take advantage of our experience and expertise as a professional brokerage firm to save yourself a lot of time, stress and hassle when selling your house or apartment in Bad Nauheim. Give us a call! Lukinski will gladly take care of all the necessary steps and ensure a profitable sale: realtor for Nauheim.

  • Separation and divorce – What happens to the house?
  • Inheritance – legal succession and community of heirs
  • Probate – process and procedure

Statistics: Facts and figures about Nauheim

Before we look at the population development and forecasts, first the most important key figures about the city (source: Wikipedia Nauheim). Further statistics can be found here: Real Estate Statistics.

  • Federal state: Hesse; administrative district: Darmstadt
  • District: Groß-Gerau
  • Altitude: 86 m above sea level
  • Area: 13.77 km2
  • Population: 10,570 (Dec. 31, 2018)
  • Population density: 768 inhabitants per km2
  • Postal code: 64569; area code: 06152; license plate number: GG

Nauheim is growing! Development of the city in numbers

The development of Nauheim’s population shows that the community is growing in the long term. From just over 1,000 residents in 1900 to over 10,000 citizens now. Source: Wikipedia Nauheim / Nauheim, district of Groß-Gerau. Historisches Ortslexikon für Hessen. (As of 8 June 2018). In: State Historical Information System of Hesse (LAGIS).

Nauheim: Population figures from 1694 to 2015
Year Inhabitants
1694 129
1834 675
1840 742
1895 1.309
1905 1.606
1910 1.739
1970 6.159
1972 7.122
1976 8.892
1984 9.569
1992 10.230
2000 10.400
2005 10.226
2010 10.039
2011 9.911
2015 10.357
Data source: Historical Municipal Directory for Hesse: The population of the municipalities

Municipal administration: address and directions

Address of the municipal administration: Weingartenstraße 46-50, 64569 Nauheim.

You can find more about the city here on the official site of the city of Nauheim.

Statistics: Current price per square metre

Here you can see how Frankfurt am Main has now risen to become the 3rd most expensive city. Of course, you as a property owner in the wider area surrounding the banking metropolis will also benefit from the rising purchase prices. Here you can see the cities with the highest prices per square metre for condominiums in a comparison of 2010 and 2018* (in euros per square metre). How much is your condominium or house worth in Nauheim? Let us find out! Go to the free valuation for Nauheim.

Statistik: Städte mit den höchsten Quadratmeterpreisen für Eigentumswohnungen im Vergleich der Jahre 2010 und 2018* (in Euro pro Quadratmeter) | Statista

You can find more statistics at Statista

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