Become a vocational trainer: AEVO Questions 4 – Completing Training (for Real Estate Agents, Trades & Co.)

Becoming a real estate agent job instructor: Test questions for field of action 4 – What is it about? Field of action 4 deals with the final examination of the trainees and the completion of the vocational training. Becoming an IHK real estate agent trainer has many advantages for your company! Prevent a lack of skilled workers, well trained skilled workers and more performance through targeted training. We have all the important questions for your professional trainer exam (AEVO = Ausbilder Eignungsverordnung) from real estate agents! The trainer certificate brings you many advantages. If you have the necessary prerequisites, you should definitely take the further training for trainers.

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Becoming a trainer: Fields of action and examination

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AEVO Questions 4 – Completing training

What’s at issue?

  • Preparing trainees for the final and journeyman’s examination
  • Registration with the competent body
  • Reference to special features relevant to implementation
  • Preparation of a written report based on performance appraisals
  • Informing and advising trainees about in-company development paths and further vocational training opportunities

What is the legal basis for the audit of financial statements?

The legal basis for the final examination is derived from the Vocational Training Act, the training regulations for the respective training occupation and the examination regulations of the competent body.

  • Vocational Training Act
  • Training regulations for the training occupation
  • Examination regulations of the competent body

Who is admitted to the final examination?

Admission is granted to trainees who have taken part in the intermediate examination, who have completed the written proof of training and who are listed in the competent body’s register of vocational training relationships.

  • Participation Intermediate Examination
  • Written evidence of formal qualifications
  • Registered in the register of vocational training relationships of the competent body (registered)

What is checked during the final examination?

The final examination determines whether the apprentice has mastered the required professional skills, whether the necessary professional and technical knowledge is available, in short competence to act.

It is also determined whether the trainee is familiar with the subject matter of the vocational school.

  • Professional skills
  • Professional and technical knowledge
  • Curriculum of the vocational school

Who registers the trainee for the final examination?

The trainer must register the trainee for the final examination.

Do trainees have to be released for the final examination?

Trainees, regardless of age, must be released from work by the training company for the day of the written final examination.

Young people under the age of 18 are also entitled to time off work on the working day immediately preceding the final written examination.

  • Exemption for written final examination
  • Young people additionally on the day before the final exam

What is the structure of the final exam?

The structure of the final examination is divided into a skills examination, a knowledge examination and an action-oriented examination, depending on the training regulations.

  • Skills test
  • Knowledge check
  • Activity-oriented examination (depending on training regulations)

When did the trainee pass the final examination?

The final examination is passed if all relevant examination areas have been passed with at least a satisfactory performance.

  • Passing all areas of the examination
  • At least sufficient (4)

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