Valuing property: Apartment house, residential complex

Land, multi-family house, real estate portfolio, residential complex, agricultural land, forest land, water sources, hotels, the variation of types of real estate is as diverse as different types of stock, as well as the potential for development, what helps: a sound real estate valuation from an expert.

We evaluate your real estate free of charge.

In the first step, please always send 1) property type, 2) floor area, 3) living area, 4) location, ideally with street and house number. Your information is safe with me and will be viewed discreetly, only by me.

For individual, special types of real estate (agricultural, forest, raw materials, hotel, etc.) I consult internal experts.

Consultant, if you wish

Just as different as the types of real estate, are the reasons for selling. Sometimes you need to sell a house quickly, sometimes you have time, depending on whether it is to avoid inheritance disputes, divorce, insolvency or liquidity for new ideas.

At the same time, there is the buyer side, which pays attention to its own factors when buying real estate. E.g. the rent yield. It differs depending on the type of real estate, but also the year of construction, state of renovation, renting and location of the real estate (in addition the development of the region, in macro and micro location).

I give you realistic feedback, fair for both sides and accordingly saleable. Many properties are offered at inflated prices, do not find buyers. Depending on the sales situation (time pressure) very unfavorable. Both sides must profit, buyer and seller. For an effective, profitable sale, an honest and well-founded property valuation is the first and best step to selling.

Stephan M. Czaja (Lukinski)

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Stephan M. Czaja (Lukinski)