Purchase does not break rent of a property

Purchase does not break tenancy – The purchase of a property does not break the tenancy. This means that if an owner wishes to sell their rented property, the purchaser continues the tenancy as the new landlord. This means that the new landlord is bound by the lease and, accordingly, he cannot cause the tenant to draw up a new lease with him. The prerequisite for this transfer is that the residential property is sold to the tenant after the transfer. Only by registration in the land register does the purchaser also become the owner of the property.

Buying does not break rent at a glance: Continuing the tenancy as a new landlord

  • When a property is acquired, the existing tenancy is continued as the new owner
  • New landlord is therefore bound by the lease and may not draw up a new one
  • The prerequisite is that the condominium is sold after the transfer to the tenant
  • The new purchaser only becomes the owner through entry in the land register.

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