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Deal Trader for real estate: Broker house, apartment & Co. as a tipster + earn commission

Deal Trader(tipster) – Today this strong article about“Deal Trader” (external), appeared at the colleagues of Immobilien-Erfahrung.de. Frequently reaches me the question, how to make money with real estate, even without equity? The question for many beginners who lack the equity capital to finance a property. Yet there are ways to make money with real estate, […]

Selling real estate: Apartments, Houses, New Construction Projects – Construction Company & Developer (Borchure)

Selling condominiums as a developer, houses in new developments or even large new construction projects in the heart of metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and other German cities. Where can you advertise and sell real estate today? For individuals, construction companies, property developers, GmbHs and AGs – we find buyers for […]

New Building Projects: Private, Procedure, Costs for Building Projects & Developers

New building projects – The dream of owning your own home is closer than ever before. Favourable interest rates as well as a good supply of building plots and new building projects make the wish for your own four walls come true. In the Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate there are many new building projects in the […]

Buy property: Building area, building plot and building application

Buying land – Many people who are interested in buying land intend to build a house on that land. However, this is only possible if the land is designated as building land or if it is so-called building maintenance land. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city […]

Sell property: Procedure, building law, realtor, notary, costs & taxes

The sale of a plot of land is a decision you have thought about for a long time. There can be various reasons for the sale. But when it comes to the success of the sale, all owners agree. The property should be sold at the best price and without a long waiting period. If […]

Bridge financing: definition, interest rate, experience, banks & developers

Interim financing – Do you not want to forego the use of equity capital and secure favourable real estate financing this way? Then the additional interim financing is the solution with which you close a gap between the house financing and the soon available equity. Equity bottleneck? Advantages of interim financing There can be various […]

Turnkey handover – definition, advantages & in English

Turnkey handover – When a building is handed over ready for occupancy, it is referred to as a turnkey handover. This means that all work on the house is the responsibility of the developer or the contractor. In contrast to the ready-for-move-in handover, the interior fittings are usually missing in the case of a turnkey […]

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Lukinski.de – Media blog for digital media & content management

I ♡ love to write. Media articles, blog posts, books… my website slowly went from an agency site to a magazine. The response, especially to the book and the blog posts in social media management are so surprisingly great that it was time to cleanly separate author & agency site for once for readers & […]