BitCoin, Crypto Currency & Block Chain: How to and tips for buying and selling

Crypto currency and BitCoin – Everyone wants to buy their first BitCoin! The trade, buying and selling of crypto currency or of its most famous representative, the BitCoin, is still a book with seven seals for many people. Various free apps and platforms enable trading with the “new” digital currency, but the principle and understanding […]

Marketing: Sales Talk, Telephone Talk and Psychology – Starting your own Business Part 13

Sales calls require a lot of skills, abilities and knowledge. The sales talk usually results in a mix of communication, psychology and, of course, elements such as facial expressions, gestures and strategies such as mirroring. leading and conducting sales calls In a sales conversation, you not only have the advantage of being able to advertise […]

Choice of location, price per square metre and coworking tips – Starting your own business Part 8

You can’t be Digital Nomad forever. At some point, you’ll hire your first employees. Those who start directly with their own offices, warehouse or shop space must of course immediately decide on a location. Finding the right property for your business premises will take a lot of time. From viewing various real estate advertisements to […]

Product / Service: USP and unique selling proposition – becoming self-employed Part 3

Product / Service: USP and unique selling point – From the founder / founding team you are now coming to the actual products. Your next considerations will be entirely about your product or service. Here you answer above all the question about the USP, the Unique Selling Proposition, the unique selling point that makes your […]

Flat inspection, interview & smalltalk – Learn free online with Lukinski

Learn now for free and online on Lukinski! With our new question tool we prepare you for many situations in which you have to convince. Get to know the most important questions from your new employer during an interview, a visit to your flat with your new landlord or even new people after moving to […]

People Agencies: Recommendations for characters, best agers, tattoo models, etc.

People Agency Germany – The dream of every model? The big advertising campaigns and photo shoots! No matter if it is for TV advertising, social media, especially for YouTube or the classic lookbook of the fashion designer. If you want to fulfill your dream, you need a good management or a good agency behind you! […]

The Social Book – Social Media Networks, Management and Marketing

Social media marketing is more complex than ever before. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube have more than two billion users today. Any social media manager who knows how to address people and how to reach them is worth a lot to the company. Social media is the new instrument in marketing. No matter if Facebook […]

The Business Book – Startup, Business Plan & Pitch

Becoming an entrepreneur is not difficult, but being an entrepreneur is very difficult. Already knew 9 of 10 startups failed in the first 5 years. When I am on the road during my lectures, this is often the first step to make it clear to the young entrepreneurs that every person around them has to […]

The Content Book – Writing Good SEO Texts

Writing good SEO texts needs to be learned. Therefore there is now the new book from my SEO Collection, “The Content Book”. Search engine optimization has changed many marketing processes. People today can reach each other globally, within seconds and by pressing a few buttons. Knowing the right tips and tricks, especially from everyday agency […]

The Spinning Book – Mass Text Creation and Data Generation

Contents Spinning is especially for those who like to work with data packages and big data a nice addition in the area of content marketing. In the second sentence it should be said that content spinning is definitely not for beginners. Contents Spinning requires a lot of practice, at least 15, 20, 30 projects. This […]

Electricity comparison: Saving electricity, time & money – The biggest energy consumers in the household

Saving electricity is becoming increasingly important. Energy consumption in particular is responsible for high costs. If prices continue to rise, it is worth taking a closer look at the large amount of energy consumed. Of course, you can save a lot of money by changing your electricity provider, but you can also do a lot […]

Saving money in the household: Lowering costs for singles and families

Do you live in a household with children? Then you certainly know that it is not always cheap to keep children busy and happy. But not everyone lives in a family or in a household with children. There are also enough younger and older people who live alone or simply without children. For this reason, […]