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Real Estate Coaching Experience: To book a coach or not?! My opinion

Further education, training, seminars and workshops – 1 day coaching, 1 hour or over weeks, depending on the concept coaching brings extremely much – but only if your coaching has 2 things: Experience and success. How do you find good real estate coaches in Germany? Here is the guide with 3 concrete tips on how […]

Create real estate purchase contract: Master data, purchase price, payment term & tenant – checklist

Drawing up a real estate purchase contract – So you have found a house, apartment or apartment building , checked it technically and commercially, included both defects and age in the real estate valuation and now want to draw up the purchase contract? Find out here which data and documents you need for your final […]

Age property: evaluate house and apartment by year of construction

Valuing houses and apartments according to year of construction – You would like to buy a property and are not sure what role the year of construction plays? Find out here which advantages and disadvantages the high age of a property has for owner-occupiers and capital investors. More details, such as the individual defects listed […]

Calculate purchase price: Property, ancillary costs, taxes, notary, land register, … Checklist + example

Calculating the purchase price including incidental purchase costs – How is the final purchase price of a property made up? How high are the ancillary purchase costs and how is the broker’s commission divided up? In addition to the land transfer tax, costs for notary, land register entry and broker are also due. Find out […]

Equity when buying real estate: Monthly burden, rolling equity & Co!

Equity when buying real estate – Whether you are an investor or an owner-occupier, every time you buy real estate, the bank requires you to have a certain percentage of equity. How much equity do you need? That depends on your investment strategy as well as your credit rating. Let’s now take a look at […]

Broker commission explained: amount of costs by state when buying real estate

Broker commission explained – If a broker is involved in the handling of the purchase process, a broker commission is due. This is one of the ancillary purchase costs that you should add to the final purchase price in any case. The amount of the broker’s commission varies depending on the value of the property […]

Notice of own need: Termination for own use after purchase of a rented property

Notice of own need – You buy a rented property and now want to move in yourself? This is also possible with a notice of own need. The prerequisite for this is that you either have comprehensible reasons yourself or a beneficiary moves into the property. Find out here everything you need to know about […]

Real Estate Location: Investing in… – Lukinski Rating / Investment Atlas Germany

C- / C / C+ Ratings: Real estate locations with risk in Germany – Lukinski Rating

All C ratings show cities with lower growth rates. Here, real estate as an investment should be treated with caution, because the vacancy risk is greater. This means that you pay more for every month in which your property is not rented out. In addition, the increase in value of the property is very low, […]

B- / B / B+ Ratings: Real Estate Locations in Germany – Lukinski Rating

All B ratings show cities with solid development. Here you can also find yield properties that immediately provide income that covers your monthly burdens around repayment, interest and maintenance. Ideally with additional extra, for active asset accumulation. B- / B / B+ ratings in Germany Lukinski Rating – You want to invest in real estate […]

Top A / A+ Ratings: Hidden Champions for Capital Investments in Germany – Lukinski Rating

A / A+ ratings means fairly secure performance. Perfect for investment properties with low yield but high, later resale value. At the same time a strong inflation protection. However, in metropolises like Munich, nothing for real estate beginners without sufficient equity. A / A+ ratings in Germany Lukinski Rating – You want to invest in […]

Cities under 100,000 inhabitants: Real Estate Locations – Lukinski Rating

Lukinski Rating for cities under 100,000 inhabitants – Your advantages in cities between 40,000 to 100,000 inhabitants? You have less national and international competition. Especially if you live locally, a good strategic advantage, even for real estate newcomers. What is your city’s rating? Find out here! Here you will find the individual evaluation for cities […]