Living on Sylt: Buy a detached house, villa or plot of land in Krempen, List & Westerland – tips, prices per square metre and more!

Living on Sylt – discreet luxury, picturesque landscape and maritime harbour flair make Sylt one of the most exclusive places to live in Germany. In no other place in the Federal Republic does a square metre cost as much as here. While the exclusive Kampen delights with its luxurious flair, families with children are drawn to the quiet List. And the island’s capital Westerland also has a lot to offer. Would you like to invest in a property in Sylt as a capital investment? Would you like to buy a house or a plot of land? Then find out everything about Sylt’s most exclusive districts here, including viewing, location, tips on prices per square metre & Co!

Living in Sylt: Island feeling meets luxury

Art, tradition, history and culture – all this unites Germany’s most beautiful island Sylt. It is not only home to the most expensive streets in Germany, but also to many a famous face of German history and pop culture. Holidaymakers, entrepreneurs and investors from all over Europe also travel here regularly to find peace and quiet on charming Sylt. Above all, it is the unique combination of sophisticated luxury and unspoilt nature that gives the island its flair.

Sylt: Map & Location

Sylt lies to the west of the coast of Schleswig-Holstein and is divided into seven municipalities:

  • Archsum
  • Keitum
  • Morsum
  • Munkmarsch
  • Rantum
  • Tinnum
  • Westerland

Popular residential areas: Kampen, Westerland & Co.

If you think every part of Sylt is similar, you’re wrong. The island is small, but has a lot to offer. Not every part of the island is the same. While the elitist Kampen brings pure luxury to the island, the district List in the north of Sylt shines with its quiet atmosphere and breathtaking landscape. And if you’re looking for a bit of city flair, Westerland is the place to be.

Reading tip: Sylt: The most expensive streets

More on that in a moment, here’s a quick overview for now:

Kampen: Prominent district full of glitz & glamour

Kampen is exclusive, discreet and sought-after. While the luxury shopping mile here invites you to stroll around during the day, the bars, restaurants and clubs delight the night owls in the evening. This quarter is known far beyond the borders of Sylt – both for its prominent residents and for the high prices per square metre. Anyone who lives here can consider themselves lucky to be the owner of one of the most exclusive properties in the country.

  • Living in Kampen

Westerland: Island capital with idyllic flair

In the centre of Sylt lies Westerland. Island capital, beach metropolis and cultural centre. While shops, cafés and restaurants line the promenade, the eight kilometres of beach invite you to take a stroll. There is also plenty of cultural entertainment on offer here: the Sylt Aquarium takes you on a journey through the oceans and the Musikmuschel is a popular meeting place that regularly provides musical highlights.

  • Living in Westerland

List: Quiet residential area on the coast of Sylt

List, located in the north of Sylt, inspires with its family atmosphere, the constant proximity to the coast and the picturesque landscape. For those who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of island life, List is the place to be. Maritime harbour flair, awe-inspiring waves and the romantic lighthouse make up the flair of this district.

  • Living in List

Kampen: The most expensive place in Germany

Kampen is not only the most exclusive place to live on Sylt – it is also the most expensive place to live in Germany. Nowhere else does a square metre cost as much as here. Kampen is elegant, discreet and popular. First-class boutiques, famous nightclubs and restaurants line the streets. Here it is a matter of seeing and being seen. That’s why Germany’s who’s who often shows up here and strolls past the shop windows of international luxury brands with a glass of champagne.

  • Living in Kampen

Houses are the most expensive and sought-after here. Whether a detached house or a semi-detached house – if you want to invest in a house here, prices start at €17,000 per square metre. Flats, on the other hand, are considerably cheaper. Newly built apartments cost just 3,000 euros per square metre, while existing apartments cost 14,000 euros.

Square metre prices: 17,000 to 30,000 €/ m²

Kampen: Map & Location

The municipality of Kampen is located in the middle of the island, between North Sylt and Westerland. In addition: Kampen is home to the top 3 most expensive streets on the island – and thus, of course, also the most expensive street in Germany. Thus, the Hobokenweg, Heideweg and Osterheideweg are at home here.

Sightseeing: walks on the beach in all weathers

The seashore is also not far from Kampen. If the colourful life in the centre of the island becomes too much for you, you can always retreat to one of Kampen’s romantic beaches. Glittering mudflats, breathtaking cliffs and gentle waves – see the magic of Kampen for yourself here:

Westerland: sophisticated island centre full of culture

As the island’s capital, Westerland enjoys great popularity. Original shops and individual cafés make up the flair of the pedestrian zone. The music shell on the beach promenade is a popular meeting and cultural point and the eight-kilometre-long beach inspires by day and night. The Sylt Aquarium, the Sylt Wave and the Syltness Center can also be found here.

  • Living in Westerland

Prices vary in the centre of Sylt. Houses are on average just under 4,000 euros more expensive than apartments. A house that is 3 years or older costs just under 13,000 euros per square metre. In comparison, an existing apartment costs just under 9,000 euros per square metre.

Square metre prices: 7,000 to 16,000 €/ m²

Westerland: Map & Location

Westerland borders Kampen to the north, Rantum to the south and Morsum to the east. Especially the many beaches make the charm of the district here.

Sightseeing: Romantic detached houses in the countryside

The unique charm of the idyllic Sylt can be found everywhere – also in Westerland. Thatched houses, well-tended gardens and exclusive villas make up the townscape here. Just a perfect combination of city feeling and nature. See for yourself here:

List: Fresh sea air in the north of Sylt

Picturesque sand dunes, salty sea air and harbour flair – all this adds to the charm of List. While the awe-inspiring surf waves in the west of the district make up the flair, the east inspires with its quiet atmosphere and glittering sand. Also in the north at the elbow of the island applies: Maritime harbour flair of the extra class.

  • Living in List

List is predominantly a very good to medium residential area. This is also reflected in the prices per square metre. Single-family homes and semi-detached houses in particular can be found in idyllic List. If it is an existing property, you can expect to pay around 9,472 euros per square metre. Newly built houses are even more expensive. Here, one square metre costs 12,318 euros.

Square metre prices: 7,500 to 20,200 €/ m²

List: Map & Location

List is located in the north of the island, far from the island centre and surrounded by beach and sea. Here it attracts especially those who prefer it a little away from the colorful hustle and bustle.

Sightseeing: Picturesque coast in the north of Sylt

If you live in List, the nearest coast is not far away. Take a virtual tour and see for yourself the charm of the district:

Conclusion: Living on Sylt

Sylt is rightly one of the most exclusive and sought-after places to live in Germany. The cult island not only combines history, tradition and culture, but also inspires with its unique combination of luxury and nature, suburban flair and holiday feeling. This not only inspires families with children, young couples and professionals, but also entrepreneurs and investors from all over Europe. Anyone who owns a property here can consider themselves lucky. Real estate as a capital investment is highly sought after on Sylt, but only very few can afford to live here. If you too are interested in a property on Sylt, we recommend that you contact the estate agent you trust.