Sloping roof – furniture, matching color effect & in English

Roof slope – Roof slopes are sloping side walls occurring in the attic. The usable area limited by the roof slopes is only partially included in the calculation of the living space. Rooms with roof slopes are often used as storage space. In the case of living rooms with sloping ceilings, questions often arise as to how to make such a room appear visually larger with targeted colour effects, how to find the right curtains and the right furniture. In the attic not all side walls must necessarily be roof slopes. It is also possible that only some of the side walls are sloping. In English, roof sloping means “roof sloping”.

Roof slope at a glance

  • Sloping side walls
  • Limited usable area is only partially included in the calculation of living space
  • Color effect for visually larger appearance
  • In English: “roof sloping”

Here you can see the construction of a smart wardrobe solution for a room with a sloping roof.

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