Apartment and house for sale Mainz: guide, land, real estate

Selling real estate Mainz – You want to sell an apartment, a multi-family house or a plot of land in Mainz, the capital of the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate? In our guide you will learn everything you need to know for your successful real estate sale. Selling real estate privately or with an agent, tips on real estate valuation, taxes & Co – Welcome to Mainz! Back to: Selling real estate.

Apartment and house for sale in Mainz

That the location of the city is something special, already knew the Romans. Until today, the Roman theater has remained as a witness of this time. Somehow, everything in Mainz has remained quite moderate. Although Mainz has been playing in the first Bundesliga for years, the new stadium at the gates of the city near the university is not a giant arena. Besides, Mainz is a university town. And that includes – in addition to a thriving and loving pub scene – a correspondingly large cultural offering. The municipal theater is a well-functioning three-part house that is known beyond the city limits.

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Here is the map of Mainz:

Centrally located and directly on the Rhine: coveted location

The state capital Mainz is located south of the Rhine and is not far from Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

Here is the mesolage of Mainz:

Real estate sale: procedure & overview

As we all know, good preparation is half the battle. This also applies to the sale of real estate. Whether it’s an apartment, an apartment building or a plot of land, the process can be divided into three phases:

  1. Preparation phase
  2. Sales phase
  3. Sales processing

Let’s take a detailed look at the three phases.

Preparation phase: prepare & plan real estate sale

In the first phase, you should not only allow enough time for the sale, but also calculate the additional costs. Many real estate sellers underestimate the extra costs for documents, renovation, broker, notary & Co.

Here is an overview:

Sales phase: market property online & offline

Now it is time to bring the property to the buyer. You can either sell privately or with a broker. If you prefer a discreet sale, you can also sell your property off market.

These are the most important steps in the sales phase:

Sales transaction: purchase contract & land register entry

Once the buyer has been found, the purchase contract must be drawn up. The new owner is entered in the land register, the purchase price is transferred and the keys are handed over.

The sales process at a glance:

  • Purchase contract
  • Notary appointment
  • Land register entry and purchase price
  • Handover
  • Invoices for notary and broker
  • Paytaxes

Mainz architecture inspires. Here the Mainz Museum:

Sell privately or with a broker?

Would you like to sell your property privately or would you rather hire a real estate agent? Learn about the respective advantages here.

Real estate agent: advantages and tasks

A real estate agent in Mainz supports you throughout the entire sales process – from property valuation to handover. This saves you time, stress and also money. Because many a mistake that is quickly made in a private sale can cost you dearly later. In addition, a good real estate agent knows about taxes and finances and ideally brings along his own customer network.

Here are the advantages and tasks of a broker:

  • Strategy and methods mix, for respective object type and target groups
  • Own investor network of developers and private individuals
  • Filter for real prospective buyers
  • Credit check
  • Viewing dates
  • Negotiation and argumentation
  • Best possible selling price, instead of losses on private sale
  • Settlement, purchase contract and notary

Mainz: Real estate in the state capital

Buy, rent and sell real estate in Mainz – The state capital is popular with investors and entrepreneurs, as well as families, students and young professionals. Here you will find the big overview, on the topic of buying, selling, renting, capital investment and everything else you need to know about the Mainz real estate market.