Istanbul becomes island: shipping, Bosphorus, history and future – Video Doku

In Capital Investment Istanbul I have already reported a little about Istanbul. The city has the largest airport in the world. It is the largest city on two continents (Europe and Asia). Half of the economic output in Turkey is located here. The city itself is stronger than the whole of South Africa. Mainly due to the Shanghai / Rotterdam route (shipping), which passes through the Bosphorus since the opening of the Suez Canal – more after the video.

Istanbul: History and Future

This video documentary gives an interesting insight into the history and future of the city.

The canal itself is to be 45 kilometers long. By comparison, the Suez Canal is 200 kilometers long. Technically, therefore, absolutely feasible. 2021 the plan was forged. The route through the Bosporus is always full. 41,000 ships a year, 14 hours waiting time for passage and no alternative if, for example, a ship would run aground.

Example: Suez Canal without alternative

Barely a year ago, those scenes in the Suez Canal.

Example: Explosion in the port of Beirut

The canal would not be built directly next to the Bosporus. This is also in order to outsource security risks from ports. Take Beirut, for example.

Docu: Why is Turkey changing Istanbul?

Now the video documentary on the question: Why Turkey changes Istanbul into an island?

Route: Suez Canal > Bosphorus

Construction began on April 25, 1859, and since then the Suez Canal has been the route for ships traveling between Asia and Europe.

Largest airport in the world

Inside Istanbul Airport

Capital investment Istanbul (Turkey)

Real Estate Istanbul – As we have previously reported, the real estate sector in Istanbul, in the last decade, accounts for about 8.4 percent of GDP.

Real estate as an investment? Economy, GDP + Development

The total sum of the investments within the range of the real estates was last with gigantic 5,9 billion USD / year. Measured against the economic management of Turkey, an immense investment sum, which is brought here for the building of new dwellings & Co. into play. But, is Istanbul worthwhile for investors? A look at the facts and figures of the country and its capital, Istanbul.