Jeff Bezos: $80 million penthouse in New York City – Inside

Jeff Bezos is part of the top 10 billionaires. At age 56, he’s accumulated $133 billion in assets. On average, he makes $6.7 million a day. How do you live as a super rich person and where? Bezos chose New York City. An $80 million penthouse in New York City. CNBC reporter Robert Frank will take us there for an exclusive look.
<$80 million penthouse in New York City
This is how luxuriously Jeff Bezos lives in his New York City apartment! What kind of apartment does a billionaire like Bezoz buy? Although Amazon abandoned plans for a headquarters in NYC, CEO Jeff Bezos still went to the Mege metropolis. His choice was, of course, an exclusive luxury property. This $80 million home in Manhattan. CNBC reporter Robert Frank takes a look at the three-story penthouse in New York City.

Inside: New York City Penthouse

Jeff Bezos: assets and person

Jeff Bozos is currently the richest entrepreneur in the world.

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Age: 56 years
  • Company: Amazon
  • Total assets $133 billion
  • $6.7 million a day

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The company has developed extremely well. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has meanwhile become the richest man in the world as described above. Every second Euro in online trade is spent at Amazon.

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New York City

New York City is an international metropolis, the big advertising agencies, investment funds, here sits whoever has rank and name. Manhattan’s Midtown is home to some of the world-famous symbols of New York City; buildings such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Grand Central Terminal. Fifth Avenue is one of the best shopping districts in the world and Times Square and Broadway offer New York City an almost endless supply of theatre and entertainment.

Central Park is the green lung of the city, where New Yorkers come to move and relax. Are you interested in the city? Read more about luxury real estate in New York here.