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Now in USA! House + apartment as an investment in Germany – cities, taxes, tips

Lukinski – All real estate tips for Germany, now also available in USA! Are you looking for real estate as an investment in Germany? Learn here the most important things, about real estate in Germany. From basic topics: Buying real estate, valuation of a property or even the sale of a property. Up to special […]

Istanbul becomes island: shipping, Bosphorus, history and future – Video Doku

In Capital Investment Istanbul I have already reported a little about Istanbul. The city has the largest airport in the world. It is the largest city on two continents (Europe and Asia). Half of the economic output in Turkey is located here. The city itself is stronger than the whole of South Africa. Mainly due […]

Viva la inflation! Demonetization and real estate financing for owners

Today in the news: USA over 5% inflation! The great spectre of inflation is back. Inflation means “devaluation of money.” What, my money is worth less? A shock to everyone, but not to everyone. Home buyers with loans rejoice over inflation! Money is worth less = goods cost more money to make up for the […]

Buying your first property: House & apartment as an investment or owner-occupier

Buying property – house purchase or apartment purchase, every week we receive many questions from readers and customers – time for a guide! The entire process from A-Z, with all the tips, formulas, definitions for owner-occupiers (self occupy) and capital investors (buy and rent). Personal goals, criteria for real estate search, quick evaluation, as well […]

Villa Tour Marbella: The Miami of Europe! 5 Highlights @ FIV Magazine

After we have already been to Villa Tour in Los Angeles for FIV Magazine (real estate magazine), we take you to Marbella in this issue. Marbella is located in Spain and is almost one of the southernmost points of mainland Europe. Hotspot in Europe: Fantastic weather + villas Many call Marbella the Miami of Europe. […]

Designer villa in Marbella for 2.95 million euros: lots of light, pool & waterfall

Designer villa in Marbella for 2,950,000m euros – I may present you today this exclusive villa! This villa is something very special, it is not just “only” built, it is planned, thought out! A house for the day, a house for the night, an inviting, large swimming pool and its own 10 meter waterfall. What […]

Villa in Marbella: House, plot, pool – living in the “Golden Mile” for 4.4 million euros

Villa in Marbella for 4,400,000 million euros – Welcome to this 4.4 million villa in Marbella! 1,530 m² of land, 767 m² of living space, today I take you to Marbella, one of the hotspots in Europe next to Mykonos (Greece), Mallorca and Ibiza. This villa is in the middle of the city of Marbella, […]

Buy a villa: Exclusive real estates – house, investment, checklist and procedure

Buying a villa – exposés of first-class properties are not found on real estate portals. Villas are gladly bought and sold discreetly. The purchase of real estate has a fixed procedure: Property search, inspection, negotiations, purchase contract, notary, taxes & Co. The purchase of villas is of course somewhat more demanding. If only because you […]

Half-timbered homes: buy, renovate or sell historic homes with beams? Comparison & tips

Buying a half-timbered house – Investing in a property or selling a house is always a question of the right approach. This is especially the case with historic buildings such as half-timbered houses. The cute, historic buildings are especially common in our latitudes, but is it worth the investment in such an old masonry or […]

Solid house: large home with long life for families to build or buy

Buying a solid house – Choosing the right property is not easy with apartments, just as it is with houses: apartments and houses come in many different forms. Whether buying a house, building a house or even selling a house: knowing (s)one property can be crucial. There are numerous types of houses such as the […]

Buying real estate: Apartment, house, villa & apartment building – process, costs and tips

Buying real estate – tips for all types of houses and apartments, free of charge for you. Read here at your leisure everything about the purchase process, about financing, to real estate agents, viewing appointments, negotiation, purchase contract, as well as notary, land transfer tax, and much more. Now at a glance. In addition, guides […]