Fashion show Strike #2: How do I become the new Karl Lagerfeld? Virtual Reality – World Premiere!

How do I become the new Karl Lagerfeld? I loved him! With my model agency I even got to work with the brand Lagerfeld 2, 3 times in the last few years. I myself love fashion weeks and organize shows myself. Strike 1: The final show of Berlin Fashion Week ’19. Today came Strike 2: The first fashion show with virtual reality models. Future, Made in the EU.

“How Beautiful” by MarcCain (VR Fashion Show)

The world’s first virtual fashion show – In 2021, virtual humans will be seen on the runway for the first time. That day is today. Pictures speak louder than 1,000 words. Here is the world’s first fashion show with digital models. Created by MarcCain; Digital Models by CM Models / Zoe 101. Read more about virtual influencers (social media agency) here.

Many thanks to MarcCain. Now is the time to go shopping everyone! New outfits and collections are out now on MarcCain!