Buy and sell real estate in the Rhine-Main area: Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz & Co.

Property, apartment, house – Few locations in Germany carry as much potential as the Rhine-Main region. The financial sector in Frankfurt am Main, picturesque landscapes in the Rhine Valley, unique real estate between the banks and rugged cliffs. In no other region of Germany, does Germany look so “German”. Pure romance between vineyards, castles, palaces. The Rhine-Main region is a magnet for tourism, characterized by a strong economy around the metropolitan region of Frankfurt am Main / Mainz / Wiesbaden. Capital investment in the metropolitan region around Frankfurt or a few minutes away in the Rhine and Main valley? An insight:

Location of the Rhine-Main region

Among the most famous cities in the region are Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Mainz. But also small towns like Eltville, Ingelheim, Bingen am Rhein and are internationally known, especially through tourism.

More and more investors are taking notice of the region.

Why, actually?

On the one hand, many companies from the financial sector are moving to Paris and Frankfurt am Main since Brexit. Frankfurt can be reached from most cities in half an hour. In addition, the popularity with Asian investors is increasing when they are looking for investment properties in Germany. The increased interest has many factors, tourism is creating awareness, including through new media, as is the increased interest in fine wines. The Rhine-Main area is one of the wine growing regions in Germany.

The Rhine-Main region is located in the south-west of Germany and runs mostly through the states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. As seen here on the map:

Germany as an investor imagines it

For visiting investors, I would like to recommend the following, if circumstances permit: A short drive, along the Rhine. By car or even via train. Very few people take the regional train on a daily basis. But if you, as a real estate investor, take the time to take the regional train, for example from Koblenz to Bingen, you will pass picturesque places that you would otherwise not see.

Vineyards, castles, real estate in prime locations

The entire route leads along the Rhine. You drive along the river, between the mountains, from town to town. On the mountain tops there is a castle every 5 minutes. It was hard for me to take my eyes off the panorama on the first, and also on the second ride.

Between the small towns, villages appear every two minutes in the mountain slopes, with real estate in the slopes, down to the course of the river Moselle. And again, on the mountain top is a magnificent castle. On the Rhine, exactly the same picture. An absolutely picturesque region. Rugged cliffs, viticulture, welcome to the Rhine-Main area.

On the mountain slopes are houses, apartment buildings and the one or the other more magnificent estate. Equally much represented is the hotel industry, through international tourism.

Strong demand: location, economy and advantages

In this area, it is difficult for investors to get properties in need of renovation. Because, not only Germans and Europeans invest here anymore. Chinese investors are also looking for special objects and properties. In particular, the growing preference for wine in China and Asia in general, provides for the increasing attention of the region, beyond the borders of Europe.

Picturesque countryside, healthy nature, many small towns and large metropolises such as Frankfurt, barely 30 minutes away. In addition, the always strong tourism, the proximity to economically strong regions (NRW, France) and Chinese players. In addition to these advantages, there is also the shipping, which is an attraction for locals, for tourists, but shipping also flushes money into the coffers of the municipalities.

Advantages at a glance

Of course, I can only give you a very small glimpse of the region in this article. But if you were to ask me how I would sum up the region, it would be like this.

Advantages: Real estate in the Rhine-Main region

  • Picturesque region, healthy nature
  • Small towns and close to Frankfurt am Main
  • Proximity to economic areas such as NRW, France
  • Thriving international tourism (stable for decades)
  • Shipping

Real estate portfolio: little space, efficient construction

If we talk specifically about the closer location on the two rivers Rhine and Main, then the majority of the real estate stock consists of semi-detached houses and smaller apartment buildings. Space is very scarce here, due to the rugged mountains that stretch upwards, especially in the Moselle and Rhine valleys. On the edges, the very long, shoreline cities, are isolated single-family homes.

In fact, the space between the bank and the rocky outcrops is often very tight. Sometimes there are only a few meters between the river and the steep rock face. The rock faces reach 50 to 80 meters high, partly vertical.

This is what makes the region so unique.

Large cities nearby: Culture and economy

Besides the many small towns and villages, right on the riverbanks, there are a few interesting cities in the region, each with its own charm.

Frankfurt am Main

Important and the first to mention is Frankfurt. The banking metropolis has always been one of the strongest regions in Germany and even Europe. To the banks comes one of the largest airports in the world. Frankfurt Airport is an international hub, with hundreds of take-offs and landings every day. Add to that the many cargo planes arriving from all over the world. Frankfurt is also a trade fair city and holds some of the largest trade fairs in Germany, such as the IAA (International Motor Show), XY and XY.

Advantages of Frankfurt am Main:

  • Banking city, financial company and industry
  • International airport, one of the largest in the world
  • International trade fair city with flagship trade fairs in Germany

Buy and sell real estate in Frankfurt. Here we have a deeper insight into the real estate market of Frankfurt. From condominiums in the banking district to villas in more upscale neighborhoods like Frankfurt Altstadt, Westend-Süd or the Gutleutviertel.

Frankfurt Map: City and Location


Wiesbaden Map: City and Location


Mainz Map: City and Location

Bingen am Rhein: Investing “in the countryside” (Tip for Frankfurt residents)

Capital investment new building Bingen – You are looking for an attractive capital investment near Frankfurt, Mainz & Wiesbaden. Welcome to Bingen on the Rhine! Take advantage of the current interest rate situation and invest now in the Rhine-Main region. In a central location with a fantastic view of the Rhine and the Rheingau, 25 modern and bright condominiums will be built in the usual high quality. From the cosy two-room apartment with approx. 66 m² of living space to the spacious four-room apartment with approx. 152 m² of living space, this exclusive residence offers the right property for every situation in life. The immediate proximity to the river as well as to several parks and local recreation areas combined with excellent transport links make the Rheintal Terraces so unique.