Investment property: renting, costs, tax… what to consider? – Videos

Real estate as an investment – step by step, from the basics to specific questions about renting. Earn money with real estate! Here you will find tips from professionals. Good luck. Frequently asked questions include: What do I need to consider when renting out? What is important with old houses? How do I calculate the rent? What are the requirements for renting? What are the requirements for the property? Are there any tax tips to save money?

New build property to let – is it worth it?

New build property to let and use as an investment: When is it worth it? – from immocation.

Youtube description: “Every private investor thinks about it once. Is it worthwhile to want to build real estate and create an attractive financial investment by building a house? Should I focus on investing my money in a new building or rather choose the variant yield optimization in existing properties. Decisive for this question is the rental yield and the house building costs. But also the location is crucial. Both for whether you can find a cheap plot and whether the investment is ultimately worthwhile. […]”

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Renting an apartment: Checklist first visit

Apartment rentals and real estate investing. Check list for the first viewing by Gerald Hörhan.

Youtube description: “These are mainly located in Hanover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Vienna. In this video Gerald Hörhan gives exclusive insights into his first apartment, which he bought as an investment in 2005. The apartment is located in the Mohsgasse, in the 3rd district in Vienna. From the outside, you wouldn’t realize what a good deal Gerald Hörhan is doing with it. […]”

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Legal and practical tips for landlords

Successful letting – Legal and practical tips for landlords by Dr. Kastl & Kollegen.

Youtube description: “Legal and practical tips for landlords”.

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Rent out a furnished apartment? Is 40€/m² rent achievable?

Rent out a furnished apartment? Is 40€/m² rent achievable? – from Alex Fischer

Youtube description: “Rent out a furnished apartment? Whether 40€/m² rent is achievable, I explain to you in this video.”

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Apartment rental: How to save time & money

Apartment Renting: How to Save Time & Money by Gerald Hörhan.

Youtube description: “Build your own real estate portfolio! YES! But who actually manages it? With 10+ apartments, who takes care of rentals, utility bills, repairs, taxes? Real estate expert Gerald Hörhan explains who manages his apartments and how he built his real estate team in this episode of the AskThePunk Show.”

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More yield when renting out – 3 tips

More yield when renting – 3 tips from the professional investor on ImmopreneurTV

Youtube description: “Increase yield made easy: Thomas Knedel reveals three simple tricks as a successful real estate investor, how you too can increase the yield of your real estate. ”

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Maximum return on furnished rental

With furnished letting to maximum net yield – real estates as investment – of Patrick Windisch.

Youtube description: “Today Patrick Windisch, Managing Director of Eigentum & Kapital, shows you how you can increase the return on your property with furnished rentals. From the clear advantages to the direct requirements to specifics that you should pay close attention to – in this detailed video you will receive the most important information for a successful rental of furnished housing. One of the biggest advantages is that you can charge a relatively high rent with comparatively small living space, keyword furnishing surcharge. Of course, there is a larger investment at the beginning, but it can quickly pay off. […]”

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Save taxes as a landlord – tax tips

Save taxes as a landlord: Allocate loans optimally – Tax tips from Dr. Dreist & Nicklaus.

Youtube description: “In this post, you’ll learn how to save taxes without much effort if you rent out in your partially leveraged owner-occupied home. You’ll learn how to allocate as much of the interest costs as possible to the rented portion.”

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Renting to a flatmate: Does it make sense? What does it depend on?

Renting to a flatmate: Does it make sense? What does it depend on? Shared apartment, furnished apartment for rent by immocation.

Youtube description: “When renting to a shared apartment or WG (often student WG) it depends on many details. For example, to represent the shared apartment as a tenant in the lease correctly. Often, the question arises in the WG renting whether you should rent furnished. Renting out a furnished apartment usually means that high rents can be achieved. The property yield increases (to calculate the yield we have our own videos on the channel). Enforcing rent increases is also often easier with furnished apartments due to the frequent change of tenants. […]”

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