Animals (neighbourhood law) in the neighbourhood as a subject of dispute

Animals (neighbourhood law) – The keeping of animals is a socially adequate behaviour, which is naturally connected with noises and thus to be accepted with regard to the requirement of neighbourly consideration. If the attitude of an animal leads to unreasonable impairments of the neighbours, the border is exceeded there. This includes, on the one hand, the breeding of dogs in a general residential area, crowing cocks (which are required to be kept in stables) and, on the other hand, intensive animal husbandry, which is subject to approval if it leads to odour nuisance and has a certain stock size.

Animals (Neighborhood Law) at a Glance: Master’s darling

  • Keeping animals is a socially adequate behaviour and is associated with noise, which is why it is to be accepted with regard to neighbourly consideration.
  • The border is crossed where the keeping of animals leads to an unacceptable disturbance of the neighbours.
  • These include, but are not limited to: dog breeding of more than two dogs, crowing roosters if they exceed the noise guidelines, and intensive animal husbandry if there is an odor nuisance.

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