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Selling an apartment: 12 typical mistakes! Purchase price too high, missing documents, wrong time, etc.

12 typical mistakes when selling an apartment – The road to successfully selling a condominium is paved with potential pitfalls. To avoid these and achieve the best results, careful planning and avoiding typical mistakes is essential. Here are 12 typical mistakes (â) made by sellers and 12 practical tips on how to avoid them during […]

Now in USA! House + apartment as an investment in Germany – cities, taxes, tips

Lukinski – All real estate tips for Germany, now also available in USA! Are you looking for real estate as an investment in Germany? Learn here the most important things, about real estate in Germany. From basic topics: Buying real estate, valuation of a property or even the sale of a property. Up to special […]

Rent house / apartment house for sale: Location, condition, valuation, broker, taxes + All steps in selling

Rent house / apartment building sale – You want to sell your rented house and have questions about the process, real estate agents, valuation and appraisal of your apartment building? Here you will find all the important answers to the first questions and the complete checklist for the sale, in 18 easy steps. First get […]

1 room / 2 room apartment for sale: Small condominium (apartment), procedure, broker and taxes

Sell 1 room / 2 room apartment – You want to sell your small 1 room apartment or 2 room apartment? Small apartments nothing for families with child, but they are perfect for single singles. Especially in the much sought-after locations, in cities like Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich or even Stuttgart, Heidelberg & […]

Partial sale real estate private: house, apartment and land

Partial sale property, private – Is it possible to sell parts of a house? Yes. The private partial sale of a property is of course possible. With the partial sale of a property, you are no longer the sole owner, but become a part owner, in a two-party community of owners. Learn here the first […]

Speculation tax real estate: sale of land, apartment, house incl. amount & deadline

How much is the speculation tax? When is speculation tax payable? Or when is there no speculation tax? This tax is important when you sell a property. No matter if it is a plot of land, an apartment, a house or an apartment building. Learn more about real estate sales here : Taxes. Speculation tax […]

Selling a Hotel: Process, Valuation, Mistakes, Investors – Selling Hotel Real Estate

Selling a hotel – Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Germany-wide: Domestic tourism is booming and has been shining for over 10 years with ever new record figures. If your hotel sale does not take place under time pressure, surely a good business for both sides: You as the seller and for the buyer. […]

Sell property taxes: Apartment, house, land – speculation tax, checklist & more

Taxes when selling real estate – When selling real estate, whether it’s a condo, house, apartment building, commercial property or land, taxes may be due. As you will see in a moment in the tax checklist, there are currently 4 possible tax types, for you as a real estate seller. It’s all about speculation tax, […]

Investment nursing real estate: Buying nursing apartments as an investment – costs, returns & 5 value factors

Capital investment care real estate – care real estate buy as a capital investment? The fewest, who want to invest in real estate, come in the first thought on a nursing home, or apartments. However, it is worthwhile(yield) to take a look at this type of investment, also with regard to the advantages and disadvantages. […]

Societas Europaea (SE) – Formation, Law, Taxes, Advantages & Co.

Societas Europaea (SE) – The Societas Europaea is a legal form that was introduced with regard to harmonization efforts at the European level. In German usage, the terms “Europäische Gesellschaft” or “Europäische Aktiengesellschaft” and Europa AG are therefore also commonly used. Characteristic features of a Societas Europaea are above all the simplification of cross-border business […]

Taxes in Germany: Income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, trade tax & Co. – List

Taxes in Germany – Corporation tax (KSt), income tax (ESt), capital gains tax (KapESt), turnover tax (USt), trade tax (GewSt) – who pays what? In this overview of the different types of taxes / tax forms in Germany, you will find relevant taxes for you as an individual and for your company, depending on which […]

Buy a villa: Exclusive real estates – house, investment, checklist and procedure

Buying a villa – exposés of first-class properties are not found on real estate portals. Villas are gladly bought and sold discreetly. The purchase of real estate has a fixed procedure: Property search, inspection, negotiations, purchase contract, notary, taxes & Co. The purchase of villas is of course somewhat more demanding. If only because you […]