Investment Property Investor Interviews: From the first apartment to a million

Real estate as an investment – step by step, from the basics to specific questions on the topic: Investor Interviews. Earn money with real estate! Here you will find tips from professionals. Good luck. Common questions include: What is investment real estate? How do you calculate the return on a property? What is investment property?

This is how a real estate millionaire thinks – Interview Axel Fischer

Alex Fischer – this is how a real estate millionaire thinks by Tobias Zulauf. Axel Fischer, author of ‘Reicher als die Geissens’ talks about his experiences.

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How do I become a successful real estate investor? – Interview Christoph Gröner

How do I become a successful real estate investor?

Youtube description: “Christoph Gröner in an interview at Mipim 2019 in Cannes. I ask Him the question how he would enter the real estate market as a real estate investor in this day and age. On the one hand, from the perspective of a private individual. On the other hand, from the perspective of a company.”

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Nursing care real estate as an investment – Interview Dominik Konrad

Nursing care real estate as an investment explained. Interview with Dominik Konrad

Youtube description: “In today’s interview we talk to Dominik Konrad, the founder of immoheld. Immoheld offer their customers the opportunity to invest in care properties, so-called sales properties. Investing money in care real estate may make sense for those who have little time themselves. […]”

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Germany’s largest real estate developer: Interview with Christoph Gröner

phoenix persönlich: Christoph Gröner as a guest of Alfred Schier – from phoenix.

Youtube description: “Christoph Gröner is Germany’s largest real estate developer and openly admits to success, power and wealth. Is the #wealth of one the #poverty of the other? And are expropriation and rent freezes the right recipe against housing shortages and rising rents? Alfred Schier talks about this with Christoph Gröner”.

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This is how you get started – Interview: Investor Dr. Florian Roski

Real estates as capital investment – Thus one begins – Investor Dr. Florian Roski in the interview – of shares in the head.

Youtube description: “Real estate as an investment? Since I don’t understand much about this as a direct real estate investor (not through the stock market), I interviewed real estate investor Dr. Florian Roski about his book and your questions.”

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From 0 to 11 apartments in 1.5 years – Interview with Sönke Fröhlich

From 0 to 11 apartments in 1.5 years (Part 1). Interview with Sönke Fröhlich from immocation.

Youtube description: “Sönke, engineer from Erlangen, has done it. He has exceeded his own goals. He has successfully mastered the entry into real estate. After only 1.5 years he is a real estate investor with already 11 residential units. The search started in Nuremberg at the end of 2017 and already in January 2018 he bought his first apartment, very soon the next properties followed. Of course, it is time and work that you put into the property search and location search […]”

Interview part 1

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Interview part 2

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Tip! Investment in nursing care real estate and nursing care apartments

There are currently 4.1 million people in need of nursing care in Germany. 731,000 people are cared for in full inpatient nursing facilities. Germany has the most expensive healthcare system in the world. The biggest return factor when investing in nursing care real estate is, of course, the development of demographics but also the economic capacity of a country, which ultimately supports the nursing care system and its financing. Like many rich or wealthy countries, Germany’s population is getting older and older.

Buying nursing care real estate as an investment?

Few people who want to invest in real estate, come in the first thought to care real estate, or apartments. But it is worth taking a look at this type of investment. Nursing homes are springing up all over Germany, not just in conurbations, as the population is getting older and older. There are properties and facilities for senior citizens in every district. They offer themselves thus investment object for regional investors, as capital investment in the proximity, in addition, for supraregional investors. How is the market for nursing care real estate developing in Germany? Which type / which location is interesting for investment as a yield property?

We have identified 5 factors in the first look at this form of investment.