Laundry room

Laundry room – The laundry room is a room equipped for washing laundry, usually located in the basement. Nowadays, the term is used for rooms that are intended for the installation of washing machines and/or dryers. In apartment buildings, there are water and electricity connections for the washing machines, which record the consumption via the meters for the individual apartments. This allows each tenant to use a space belonging to their apartment for the washing machine. In the case of communal laundry cellars, it should be regulated who may use the cellar and when.

Laundry Basement Overview: The room for washing clothes in the basement of a house

  • A room in the cellar equipped for washing clothes
  • Usually intended for the installation of washing machines and/or dryers
  • For apartment buildings: own water and electricity connections in order to correctly bill the energy consumption of the individual tenants.
  • Important: good ventilation of the cellar

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