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Real estate in old age: sell house & apartment … what to do?! 4 alternatives for you

Real estate in old age – Life has many facets and it writes many stories. But at some point the time comes and the own apartment, the own house becomes too big. At the same time, little of one’s own pension remains and retirement provisions shrink. What to do? Many real estate owners are faced […]

Selling an underground car park: Valuation, process, sale + checklist

Selling underground parking – valuation, process, sale and broker, what becomes important when selling your underground parking? Who buys an underground car park? For those selling for the first time (example inheritance), however, what often matters most is: How much is an underground car park worth? My small guide for a first insight into the […]

Technical inspection: facade, windows & common property- evaluate house and apartment

Technical inspection before buying real estate – In addition to the commercial inspection, you should also carry out a technical inspection in which you examine the condition of the real estate as well as the common property. After all, you should be aware of any defects, problems, and construction issues before buying real estate. Find […]

Buying commercial property: Guide to the procedure

Buying Commercial Property – Are you looking to buy a retail business, medical practice, law office space, industrial property or entire technology parks? Avoid bad investments and make the right decisions, right from the start. Buying commercial real estate is an investment for start-ups and business owners. The company grows in the new property. Location […]

Real Estate & Divorce: Sell, rent and manage property

Property & Divorce – Separation from one’s partner is not easy for anyone. Even for those who have separated from their spouse, the new life situation is something completely foreign. The longer the partnership and the connection existed, the more difficult it is to adjust the own structures to the new life situation. Of course, […]

Brokerage contract – The decisive facts

Real estate agent contract – Your decision to have your house professionally brokered is an important step towards a timely sale. After you have decided to take over the services of real estate agents, the contract is concluded. You can choose between a simple, a sole and a qualified sole brokerage contract. If you want […]

Inherit properly: What to consider when inheriting and bequeathing

Inherit correctly – The inheritance law proves again and again as extremely complex topic structure, which is connected by many concerning with large uncertainties and ignorance. If the topic of inheritance becomes acute, it is therefore always advisable to turn to experts such as notaries, tax consultants, estate agents and lawyers. Nevertheless, it makes sense […]

Erbgemeinschaft Explained: German Inheritance Law, Heir + More

Erbgemeinschaft – Real estate can lead to numerous disputes within an Erbgemeinschaft, henceforth called “community of heirs”. Especially if there are different ideas about how to handle the property. A community of heirs is usually the children of the testator. This comes about when the deceased does not leave a will, as in this case […]

Selling an apartment building: Determine price, taxes & tenants + speculation tax

Selling apartment house – Fully rented or with vacancy, the sale of apartment houses (also rental house / apartment building) is more special, but also more lucrative, you evaluate everything from the types of apartments, to the land. It becomes more special when selling old apartment buildings, with and without real estate agents. But let’s […]

Selling real estate privately – procedure & risks

Selling property privately – There are various reasons for selling a house. A professional move, a change in your family situation such as a divorce, the move to a larger property or the financially necessary sale are among the most common reasons when a house should change hands. In most cases, the house sale should […]

Property Valuation: Determine market value, valuation and purchase price

How do you value land? How to calculate the market value of land? Who may value land? Who provides information about the standard land value? Value factors, location, equipment, market value, realistic price: This is how you can value your property. Valuate your land: Coming soon! Sell property Everything to procedure, building law, real estate […]

Sell your Real Estate / Property: Condo, house, apartment buildings

Selling property – You want to sell your property? For the successful and profitable sale of a property, the first step is always a well-founded and realistic valuation. In the end, this determines the selling price to be set. In the next step real estate agents bring your real estate to solvent prospective buyers, here […]