Bicycle cellar in apartment building

Bicycle cellar – A bicycle cellar is a room usually found in apartment buildings that is used to store bicycles. Usually, a bicycle cellar has a door that leads to the outside. In the tenancy agreement, you should pay close attention to the right to use the bicycle cellar that has been granted to you and, if necessary, pass on any change requests to your landlord. The tenancy law always grants you a reasonable possibility to store your bicycle, an unrestricted prohibition is therefore never effective as the landlord has the duty to provide for it. Relevant is first of all to which property the cellar room belongs and how it was proceeded so far. If you are looking as a German for abroad or have to do with foreign people in this regard, it is good to know that bicycle cellar in English – bicycle storage – means.

Overview of the bicycle cellar

  • Serves bicycle storage in apartment buildings
  • Mostly door to outside available
  • Parking space is compulsory
  • English : bicycle storage

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