House and land: equipment, materials, financing, value

House and lot – When buying a house, the property along with the lot offers a unity. However, the priorities of buyers differ. Some customers have special demands on the location and size of the property. Others attach importance to a very good equipment of the house, while the location of the property plays only a subordinate role. In each case it is important that house and property correspond to the fundamental conceptions of the prospective customer. Transparent customer care and the creation of an informative exposé are among the basics of a successful house sale.

Important criteria for the sale of a house

A successful house sale depends on various criteria, which can be very different for each individual. A very well equipped house, which is offered virtually turnkey, can sell worse than a property in need of renovation, which convinces with a very beautiful property or a particularly favorable price. When selling a house and property, supply and demand always count.

The exposé is a way to present the advantages, but also necessary investment. When preparing it, we do not limit ourselves to describing the size of the house and garden. We give the prospective buyers information about the outside facilities, the condition of the roof, heating and interior fittings, but also about the residential health and the possibilities of planning and financing. If you put your property up for sale to us, we will be happy to see it for ourselves on site. The impression we get of the property is an important basis for the preparation of a transparent exposé.

Worth knowing from A for outdoor facilities to W for healthy living

If you are considering selling your property, there are a few aspects that are important to consider.

Outdoor facilities: What you need to consider for the front garden, terrace and garden

Many buyers who want to purchase a house with land attach importance to a beautiful design of the outdoor facilities. If you offer a property for sale with attractive outdoor facilities, interested parties can be found quickly. If you decide to leave the house sale to a professional partner, you will save a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about contacting potential buyers and you can go about your work and everyday life. Read more on the subject of outdoor facilities.

Building materials: concrete, wood, stone, glass and plastics

Building materials are indispensable for the new construction of a house, but also for the renovation. Materials such as wood, stone and concrete are predominantly used. But plasterboard, glass and various plastics are also used. Building owners can influence the type of building materials. Basically, it is important that you pay attention to high quality. It does not matter whether you are overseeing the construction of a new house or have decided to renovate an existing building.

The building materials used are usually used for decades. They are exposed to very high stresses both outdoors and indoors. When using building materials that have qualitative limitations, minor renovations are often necessary at short intervals. You can prevent this by selecting high-quality building materials. Further information on the subject of building materials can be found here.

Roof: planning, construction and renovation of roof trusses & roof coverings

Modern roofs can have different shapes. For centuries, the classic gable roof was the most common roof shape in Germany. It was often modified into a hipped roof and equipped with dormers to make effective use of the space under the roof slopes. Tent roofs are used in the new city villas with two-storey construction. As part of a renovation, the shape of the roof can only be changed slightly. If you plan to do this, you will have to fundamentally redesign the house.

Roofing, on the other hand, is often the subject of renovation. Tiles are used, which are available in different colours, shapes and design variants. A new roof covering often goes hand in hand with a renovation of the roof structure. If the construction is fundamentally new and of high quality, a roof can last at least 50 years without the need for a new renovation. Learn more about the roof.

Do it yourself: New construction & renovation on your own

The term “Do it yourself” refers to the owner’s own contribution. When constructing a new building, but also when renovating a building, the builder decides whether he wants to do it himself or whether he prefers the turnkey construction method. There are advantages when a specialist company provides the services. As the building owner, you accompany the progress. However, you can primarily take care of your work and leisure activities. The amount of time you invest in construction is significantly less than if you opt for the do-it-yourself strategy. Discover more exciting information on do it yourself in relation to selling a house.

Energy and technology: Energy efficiency in technical installations & security systems

Many value-enhancing components of a house fall into the area of energy and technology. If you wish to sell your property without stress, we offer you our individual services as real estate agents for Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. This also includes the preparation of an exposé. This serves to describe your property to all interested parties who respond to the advertisement. The investments from the area of energy and technology are listed in the offer for your property on Read more about energy and technology.

Garage and carport: architecture, weather resistance, differences

A garage or carport for one or two cars is very popular with homeowners. An expose with a carport or garage is more popular with potential buyers than having the vehicle parked on the street or unprotected in front of the house. Installing a carport or garage not only provides greater convenience when using one’s home. These additions also have a positive effect on resale value. Opt for a more relaxed. Feel free to read on if you are interested in garage and carport.

Interior fittings for new buildings and renovations

The interior finishing of the house includes the design of the walls, ceilings and floors. In addition, the installation of the electrical systems, the heating and the water circuit takes place. Stairs and doors are installed and fixed fixtures are integrated in the kitchen and bathroom. When building a house, the interior finishing takes about the same time as the construction of the building until the topping-out ceremony.

The interior can be designed very individually by the builder. Not only in the case of a new building, but also in the context of a renovation, a new planning of the interior is possible. If an extensive renovation with a change in the internal structure of the house is planned, the house should be empty for the period of the construction work. Otherwise the renovation will be difficult. Here you will find further information on the subject of interior fittings.

Cellar of the house: finishing or storage room

A cellar can be used in many different ways. It can be converted into a living space, guest room or office, or used as a storage room. If the cellar has access to the outside, bicycles or garden tools can be stored in the rooms. Basement rooms must be planned for when building a new house. The costs are high. They run into five figures depending on the size of the basement. A basement can be installed at ground level or partially raised out of the ground. Both construction methods have advantages and disadvantages. Read more about basements.

Planning and financing: Real costs & favourable credits

In most cases, the purchase of a property is accompanied by financing. Very few property buyers are in a position to pay cash for their property. Financing for a property usually extends over a period of ten to 30 years. Careful planning is therefore very important. A stable income is one of the essential requirements for secure financing. The income should be secured for the financing period.

You need to take into account changes in life plans as well as the possibility of a loss of earnings due to illness or unemployment. Young couples may want to have children, which also affects income. Everything you need to know about planning and financing.

Dream houses: individual and indescribably beautiful

The concept of a dream home is defined very differently by a future homeowner. There are builders who understand behind it a luxuriously equipped house with a small low-maintenance garden in a central location. Others wish themselves a house in calm situation and take for it gladly a longer journey to the work or into the next city in purchase. In general, the term refers to a modern house that offers many amenities. Feel free to read on if you too are considering the topic of dream homes.

Healthy living at the heart of building modern homes

Healthy living is a modern term that refers to the use of environmentally friendly building materials. The aim is not to pollute the environment by building a house or housing complex. The health of the individual is also the focus of the new modern variants of building. An optimal indoor climate, a constant room temperature and the use of building materials that do not emit harmful substances are the most important foundations of healthy living. Pollutant emissions are completely avoided. Natural building materials such as wood or plastics, which are free of polluting substances, are used in modern construction. Sustainable building is becoming more and more popular and is even prescribed in parts for new buildings. You can find more exciting details on the topic of healthy living here.