Condominium: capital investment, house money & notary public

Condominium – A condominium is a residential unit in a two- or multi-party building. This can be purchased either through a real estate agent, usually from a housing company, or privately and commission-free through acquaintances. The buyer is also allowed to rent out the property if he has not already bought it rented, which is popular among real estate investors.

Condominium at a glance

But whether you buy a condo through a broker or commission-free through a private individual, you need to get the financing in place before you can buy a condo. Whether you buy the condo as a private individual or commercially, there are many different options for financing to choose from. In exceptional cases, you can buy a condo without any equity at all. In this case, however, you need the long-term confidence of your bank and a very good liquidity.

If you want to resell your condo, there are a few tax factors to consider. If you have used your apartment yourself, you can sell it tax-free at any time. However, if you have rented out the condominium, the sale is only tax-free after 10 years. With the purchase and sale it is in each case the course to the notary duty. This seals the apartment purchase or sale with a notarization. In a multi-party house there is usually an owners’ association to which the house owners regularly pay the house money. The owners’ association appoints a property management company and this in turn determines what the house money is to be invested in. In comparison to the ancillary costs, the house charge results from the respective ownership of the apartments.

  • Condominium
  • Buy through a broker or privately
  • Buy without equity – only with relationships & top liquidity
  • Tax-free sale – owner-occupier only or after 10 years
  • Owners’ association determines property management
  • Property management determines investments of the house money

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