Real estate market: House and apartment prices rise in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim

What can be observed throughout the Rhine-Main region also applies to Wiesbaden-Erbenheim: property prices continue to rise. With an increase of around 20% on the previous year, the Wiesbaden district is right at the top of the list. For all those who want to sell their house, flat or property here, this is a real advantage! The expert team of Lukinski will show you what is important for a successful house sale. As a discreet broker for Wiesbaden and the Rhine-Main region, Sebastian Mathias von Lukinski proceeds somewhat differently than the usual brokers. Because especially in the heated market it is important to keep a cool head.

Discretion when selling a house – the basis for success

A lot helps a lot: according to this motto, most private house sellers act and place their object not only in every regional advertising journal, but also on all relevant sales portals. A fatal mistake is that in the eyes of the Diskret broker Sebastian Mathias. His recipe is the successful sale of real estate almost under exclusion of the public. What sounds like a contradiction, makes sense on closer inspection. Because a discreet broker works with these means:

  • Discreet realtors from Lukinski sell your house with absolute discretion
  • Lukinski’s discreet brokers do without the usual Internet portals for real estate offers
  • Diskret-Makler vonLukinski have an extensive prospective customer file
  • Lukinski’s discreet brokers often ensure a quicker sale of your property.
  • Discreet brokers from Lukinski sell real estate of all types and sizes
  • Lukinski’s discreet brokers work even if the seller lives abroad

With the “secret sale” – as this method has long been known in the international real estate business – the seller can also be sure of achieving top prices for his property. The focused working method of the discreet broker usually also ensures a quick conclusion of the sale.

Valuing real estate: How to determine the correct house value

The success of your home sale depends largely on the right asking price. If the price is too high, it will scare off prospective buyers. Prospective buyers are more likely to become sceptical if the price is too cheap for the region of the property. The basis for a realistic selling price is a home appraisal. This works with Lukinski simply, fast and free of charge for the salesman. So that a realistiscer offer price develops, some important things must be considered by the real estate expert however. In addition belong for instance also situation and equipment of the house. Taste does not play a role. With a correct real estate evaluation only the facts count.

When does a home appraisal make sense?

“What is my house worth?” is what everyone who wants to sell their property wants to know. A professional house valuation is also particularly useful if the property is to be inherited or has been inherited. There it concerns then namely around the height of the inheritance tax. If you want to know how the value of your property is developing, you can also commission a valuation. The official statistics usually only give a rough overview of the price development in the region. Particularly important for the valuation in Erbenheim: What influence do traffic connections to the motorway network and public transport have on the value of the property? And: How does aircraft noise from Frankfurt influence the value?

Statistik: Entwicklung der Hauspreise in Deutschland in den Jahren von 2000 bis 2018 (2015 = Index 100) | Statista

You can find more statistics at Statista

All this affects the value of a house

  1. Location of the property The macro-location (region as a whole) and the micro-location (direct residential environment, distance to schools, doctors, shopping facilities).
  2. Equipment What building materials were used; size of the living area; size of the plot; presence of a private garden; equipment that increases the residential value.
  3. Condition in general Energy efficiency class; Degree of modernisation of the building services; Degree of renovation of the interior and exterior of the house in general.

This is how the house valuation works

  • Describe your property. Is it a single-family house or an apartment building? What is the layout of the property? The size of the plot and the living space are important, as well as the year of construction and the date of past renovations. Attention: Have invoices ready!
  • Schedule an on-site appointment. Lukinski’s real estate experts will evaluate your information and arrange a personal on-site appointment. This is the only way to get a comprehensive view of the property.
  • After a comprehensive price analysis, you will receive a dossier with the optimum sales price for your property in line with the market.

Home appraisals homemade or from realtor?

In principle, every homeowner can determine the value of their property themselves. There is no obligation to have this done by an expert. The reason why the house is to be valued plays an important role in choosing the right way.

A so-called “full expert opinion” can only be made by an officially appointed and sworn expert. For example, if ownership is to be clarified for court proceedings, in the case of compulsory auctions or an insurance claim. Also divorces or separations often lead to a valuation in a full appraisal. In the context of loans with banks or for tax issues with the tax office, an official expert is also usually necessary for real estate valuation. The costs are about 0.5% of the determined value.

Architects or civil engineers can also be used as valuers for real estate. However, it is important to clarify in advance what costs will be charged for the valuation. The valuation by an estate agent, on the other hand, is free of charge. Only with successful sales of the house the premium agreed upon before between by the broker in the contract becomes due. So far, it is borne either in full or in half by the buyer.

If you want to value your property yourself, you need to consider a few things. First of all, there is the emotional connection of the owner to his property. It usually leads to a value being set too high. Immoblien sales in the immediate vicinity can help to get a first estimate of the house value. The own valuation is usually sufficient if you just want to get a feeling for the value of your own property without concrete intentions to sell. A real estate compass with average information on purchase and rental prices can also help here, for example.


Conclusion: Let the expert evaluate when prices rise

Perhaps the increase in house prices in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim will soon come to an end. When is the right time to sell the house, only the seller himself determines. However, the advice of an experienced real estate expert from Lukinski can always help to determine the right selling price. Especially in regions with enormous increases in real estate, the agent has the cool head to not overshoot the mark. In the end, the expert also knows the prices of the entire region, has an expert eye for the condition of the house and knows the wishes of the possible buyers. In this way, every home seller is sure to get the truly optimal value for their property during the appraisal.