Real estate direct purchase experience: Immediate purchase of apartment, house, apartment building

Immobilien Sofort Ankauf – Here I give you an insight into the topic of real estate direct purchase, with experiences, tips and contact ideas. What is it? How fast is the process and what are the advantages, what are the possible risks? I will also directly name potential contacts for the direct purchase of apartment, house , apartment building. You will get to know the time wasters in real estate sales, or reasons for direct purchase. In addition, I present you positive experience (examples) of our customers and I give tips to avoid negative experiences! You have questions as an owner:in? I am here for you: Contact.

Direct purchase: what is it?

As you will see in the later testimonials from our customers, the reasons for selling quickly vary. Life circumstances change, people go new ways professionally, you move back home. Sometimes real estate is inherited, 500km away and heirs without landlord experience ask themselves: What to do?! Then it often has to go fast, for example to finance the new property.

Let’s start with the basics!

Direct purchase quickly explained

A direct purchase in real estate refers to the sale of a property directly to a buyer, without going through an agent or brokerage agency. In a direct purchase, the seller is approached directly by a potential buyer who is interested in the property. The buyer usually acts as a private individual, investor or real estate company.

Direct purchase offers several advantages. For one thing, there is no brokerage fee from a broker, which can lead to savings. In addition, the sales process can usually be completed more quickly because there is no intermediate instance. The seller and the buyer can negotiate directly and negotiate the terms of the sale. In addition, direct purchase is more discreet, as the sale is not advertised publicly and only the parties involved are involved.

Checklist: Advantages Real Estate Immediate Purchase

Let’s summarize the advantages:

➡️ Sale without broker or agency
➡️ Savings on the brokerage fee
➡️ Faster sales process
➡️ Discretion and privacy
➡️ Direct negotiations and room for negotiation
➡️ Potential cost savings for the vendor
➡️ Direct contact between seller and buyer
➡️ Flexibility in the agreement of contracts and conditions
➡️ Less public advertising and exposure
➡️ Possibility of faster processing
➡️ Potential time savings and efficiency
➡️ Direct control over the sales process
➡️ Less bureaucracy and formalities
➡️ Potentially lower transaction costs
➡️ Flexibility in the selection of the buyer
➡️ Direct negotiations on the sales price

Sell: But how?

The decision how to sell is always up to you in the end. I will show you here quickly in 3 ways how to sell relatively quickly.

Contact for direct purchase: investors to acquaintances

Important: Especially in the current times, interest rates always play a major role, because almost all real estate is financed and not paid with equity cash. Interest has a huge effect on the cost. Read more about the topic: Real estate financing.

  1. Direct purchase from investors, developers & co.
    • Advantage: Fast processing
    • Cons: Who to write to?
    • PS: My contact
  2. Sell directly to family, friends or acquaintances
    • Advantage: Fast processing
    • Disadvantage: purchase price usually lower

For real estate professionals such as investors, developers and the like, check the purchase profile, it says what properties are being sought. Then we discuss one more important question:

  1. With or without a broker? Both is possible, depending on how much time you have / want to invest
    • Advantage: Large buyer network, negotiation skills
    • Disadvantage: Commission

Time wasters in the sale of apartments and houses

In my little guide“Immobilien Sofort Ankauf” I have already talked about the typical time wasters.

Sellers who approach me have experience in real estate sales in less than 20% of the cases. Especially private persons sell only 1x, maybe 2x in a lifetime. So where to start? With direct purchase you avoid the question and many time consuming tasks.

The reason for direct purchase: time (money)

Above all, these tasks eat up time in sales:

  1. Real estate valuation
    • Too expensive: No one buys, property is “burned”.
    • Too cheap: you lose money
  2. Prepare the property (documents, photos, etc.)
  3. Keep ads “on top” in search results
  4. Communication with prospective buyers
  5. Appointments for visits
  6. Site visits, talks
  7. Proof of creditworthiness (can buyer really afford your property)
  8. Purchase price negotiations

Positive experience: Example Berlin

Now you will say, “ok Mr. Lukinski, I want to know the risks, the mistakes, the dangers! Not just the positive experiences”. You are absolutely right. Therefore, here is just one positive experience of our direct purchases. After that, I’ll go through a few negative experiences from the Internet with you with the question: what should the person have done?

Art Nouveau Villa Berlin with 6 residential units

Mrs. K. from Berlin lived in herself and rented out 5 other residential units. After decades in Berlin, she finally wanted to make the leap to a sunnier life: To Mallorca. Since foreign financing requires significantly more equity (50%+), she had to sell her multi-family house faster than expected.

Mrs. K. from Berlin:

When I decided to sell my beautiful art nouveau villa in Berlin, it was especially important to me that the whole upcoming process was really really discreet, anonymous and fast. I am so happy that everything worked out so well. I have my strengths but quite honestly, real estate I do not sell. Was therefore just so happy that I was so well taken care of and it was not just about money. I felt in good hands, thank you very much!

This is how it can go with instant real estate purchase.

Avoid negative experiences: What to do?

Anyone who wants or needs to sell quickly has one problem in particular:

Time is against you, buyers and investors who can raise “cash” quickly and easily know that.

Talk to professionals – Tip 1

Selling quickly to family, friends or acquaintances is the most popular way to realize quick property sales. Problem 1: Not everyone should always know about it. Problem 2: What is your property really worth? Would someone have paid more?

Between work, everyday life, certainly not easy. Therefore, already once the A&O:

Talk to experienced professionals whose business is investing in real estate

Investors, developers, construction companies, for example.

Therefore, also pay attention to tip2: comparison offers!

With or without a broker?

Of course, you can also talk to real estate agents if you are willing to invest a small % for expertise. In the end, it’s a simple calculation:

  • Are you willing / able to invest time?
  • If you achieve +4% (for example through strong negotiation), 2%, 3% are acceptable, they still make more profit
  • Advantage: brokers have existing buyer contacts, which saves a lot of time
  • Disadvantages: Brokers do not buy directly, they mediate

Get comparison quotes – Tip 2

The ultimate savings tip, whether supermarket or real estate investment is a classic, oldie but goldie:

Always get (min.) 2 comparison offers

Investors, developers, construction companies or even brokers. If you get only 1 offer, you have no choice. If you have 3 price packages, take the best price for your apartment or house, apartment building.

Of course, this also applies when you offer your property for sale to me. You should make a good cut, with me or another buyer.

I want good deals for all sides, because that way the probability that you recommend me is so much higher!

It always pays to compare!

Conclusion: How to sell quickly

You have now learned a lot. I hope I could help you a little bit with this short guide!

  1. What is a direct purchase
  2. Contact person for direct purchase of apartment and house
  3. Time wasters in sales, or reasons for direct purchase
  4. Positive experience of our customer (example)
  5. Avoid negative experiences: What to do?

Since I don’t want to close with “negative experiences,” here’s another success story from NRW.

Our fastest purchase so far.

Düsseldorf (NRW): Fastest purchase to date

Read for yourself:

Mr. Y. from Düsseldorf: “When I had to return to Japan for work reasons, it was urgent to sell my apartment building in Düsseldorf Oberkassel quickly in order to finance my new property. The team understood my situation and arranged a viewing within one day. After only 3 days I received a purchase offer, which I also accepted on the same day. The whole selling process was fixed, smooth and I was extremely satisfied with the support from you and your team.”

Further he said kindly still, I did not want to withhold this from you:

“If you are looking for a quick and straightforward solution for the sale of your property, I highly recommend this team. They met my expectations and handled the sale quickly to my complete satisfaction.”