My Veneers Founder Interview – Straight teeth & beautiful smile from experts

Dental Anti Aging, Invisalign, Smile Make Over and everything about veneers. Who always wanted to have the perfect smile to shine in front of colleagues, business partners and new contacts, can now have straight and perfect teeth easily and uncomplicated in Germany. The two doctors and founders Dr. Arzu Tuna and Dr. Umut Baysal tell us in an interview about their recipe for success and experience with dental aesthetics and veneers.

My Veneers – The modern dental practice for the best advice, straight teeth and beautiful smile

Interview – Founders Dr. Arzu Tuna and Dr. Umut Baysal

What reasons were decisive for you to open a new practice in Cologne?

Dr. Tuna: Two points were decisive for the new practice. First, we wanted a practice where only one patient is treated at a time, without time pressure and hectic for the highest quality results. The second point was to establish a dental practice with a focus on aesthetic restorations. The focus is on the “smile makeover” with veneers. This is a treatment that comes from the USA and is not yet widely used here. For reasons of health insurance law, veneer restorations are rather rare in Germany compared to other countries. In this country, partial and full crowns are used much more often. This is a pity, because veneers require much less substance removal than partial or full crowns.


Dr. Arzu Tuna and Dr. Umut Baysal (from left to right)

Perfect teeth from the dentist – Made in Germany

Do you think that beautiful teeth have an impact on a person’s success?

Dr. Baysal: Teeth have a direct influence on perceived attractiveness. More so than the eyes or the nose. In several studies, US researchers have found that people’s appearance positively influences their success – in partnerships, but especially in professional life. According to these studies, supervisors and department heads tend to pay attractive employees a higher salary and give them more lucrative positions. Attractive people earn up to ten percent more than other colleagues. At the bottom of the beauty scale, the effect is even more noticeable. Unattractive people sometimes have to accept salary losses of between ten and 16 percent – unconsciously, of course. But the principle of “sex sells” does not apply here! Good-looking people are subconsciously assigned positive qualities such as resilience, diligence and confidence. We combine competence with attractiveness!

Your main focus is also the treatment with veneers, what are the costs for the treatment of a veneer?

Dr. Baysal: The costs start at € 1,050 and can be up to € 2,000 per tooth. Whereby we are then in the area of high-end dentistry. The veneers are also made by one of the best dental technicians in the world. An art that only very few have mastered. Especially the design of “non-prep veneers” is a very special challenge.

Why is that?

Dr. Baysal: We are talking about manual work that is no longer taught. And an art that takes years to mature to perfection. With the introduction of CAD/CAM technologies, the proportion of machine-made dentures is increasing. However, this has a loss in the area of aesthetics.

Consultation and treatment – Trust the experts at My Veneers

What is the process like from the consultation to the placement of the veneers?

Dr: Tuna: In the first session we get to know the patient and look at the situation of the teeth and the masticatory system. Later, we take photos or x-rays and make a first aesthetic analysis.

Dr.Baysal: Based on other patient cases, we show possible restorations and define a goal together. Often the first impressions are already taken for the dental technician. In the next session, the visualization of the finished teeth made of plastic takes place. This is a very important session, because the patient already gets a very precise idea of the finished teeth. Photos/videos are taken again for speech and aesthetic analyses. We look at these together on the screen and talk through each treatment step in detail. This is followed by the cost explanation and the patient is allowed to consider everything at his leisure. Perhaps we can talk to friends or family. The pictures from the second session are also suitable for this.


In the third session we start the treatment. In the following session, the veneers are already bonded. Done.

Media and Brand – Coming soon with Veneers on Youtube

To what extent do you use social media channels for your practice? Are you represented on multiple platforms?

Dr. Tuna: We use the channels that are important and suitable for us. In doing so, we rely primarily on Instagram. Instagram works well with visuals and photos, so it’s about visual perception. This allows us to present our practice and our results nicely. We are also on Facebook, which is of course very important for the German market, and we will soon expand our YouTube channel with valuable information about veneers and smile design.

How much time do you put into your social media channels and maintaining them?

Dr. Baysal: We use social media almost exclusively to present results and to answer smaller inquiries. In the end, social media marketing does not cost us much time. We are also optimally prepared due to good planning. However, we will invest much more time for Youtube, the planning and creation of the videos will definitely be more time-consuming than Instgram postings.

Have you been able to record successes through social media activities so far, such as customer acquisition? Or do you use the channels to retain your existing customers?

Dr. Tuna: Indeed, we often receive inquiries from patients via Facebook. But mainly we maintain contact with our patients and colleagues.

Do you have further plans for the future expansion of your activities in the network?

Dr. Tuna: I would love to have my own Youtube channel! (laughs)
Dr. Baysal: Thank God he’ll be here soon!

Thank you very much for the interview to both of you. That was Dr. Arzu Tuna and Dr. Umut Baysal from MyVeneers.




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