Interview. CM Models in StartupValley Magazine Berlin

“Good Morning Press” on Monday brightens up the start of the week! Luckily today is month and the new interview in the Berlin magazine, StartupValley is out! In the interview I talk to editor Sabine Elsässer about our model agency CM Models, which is getting more and more more and more attention. In the interview there are many new answers about the agency and about becoming and being a model. In the online magazine I give detailed information about our work and as an extra, of course tips for young entrepreneurs!


“The most important thing of all, believe in yourself!”

Read now, the Günder Talk about CM Models: The Model Agency

What is it about? All in one: Young Entrepreneur, Startup & Founder

Of course, in a magazine for startups, we also have a little focus on entrepreneurship, management, online marketing and search engine optimization, in addition to the model topic. For me, as for many successful founders, the sentence applies: “You have to believe in yourself”. In the interview at StartupValley, the phrase is also in the headline. The interview is very detailed and also gives young entrepreneurs an insight into how to successfully build and structure a business.

As a young entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself! In the beginning, many people will tell you that your idea is not good, that it already exists, that it doesn’t make sense. But if you make an effort and constantly improve and optimize yourself and your “product”, not only your company but also your media, sooner or later you will have lasting success. With the interview I want to give young entrepreneurs spirit on the way to independence!

The interview about the model agency – The success story

Click here to go directly to the interview:

Interview im Startup Valley Magazin (Berlin) über CM Models

Many thanks to Sabine Elsässer (StartupValley News) for the interview!



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