Model agency goes international

Among the German model agencies there are only a few players that show how the fashion industry will be positioned in the coming years. One of the big players will be CM Models. After only a few months in the industry, the Cologne-based model agency already reaches thousands of contacts every month. Through clever online marketing, a lot of attention to detail and a 24/7 week, Cologne Model Management already has over 3000 directly targetable people interested in fashion following them on Facebook. In addition, there are fans on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube & Co. An international audience. If the German content were now also offered in an English-language version, the number of people reached would multiply. Add to this the Spanish-speaking countries and one thing is clear: multilingualism will become the status quo in 2015.

Model agency website: Now in 3 languages

No longer just one language. No, CM Models, the model agency for Classical, New Faces and Tattoo Models, is now also available in English and Spanish. In addition to the basic German language system of the online model index, we now offer the full range of services, from model booking to advertising campaign conception, in complete Spanish and English language versions – for the international fashion market. With this new multilingual feature, we promise ourselves a very sustainable, extreme increase in global reach outside the German-speaking area.

Just by translating into these two essential language groups (English and Spanish), we achieve a potential increase of x12. Sounds good, doesn’t it? With this great value, it is possible to continue optimizing the agency towards the top in the World Wide Web. Towards an internationally operating agency for advertising campaigns, image films and magazine covers. Now, also on the Internet with services in three languages.

Model Management in the international fashion market

The fashion market is a very international one, not only since today. Here it is not uncommon that shootings of an American client run through an English advertising agency. With a photographer from London, the casting team from Paris and a German-speaking model agency. At least, as far as the proposed models convince the customer with size, charisma and character. After our first experiences, for example with our jewellery campaign with the London jewellery design label Niomo (article: Niomo London Shooting), we quickly realised how important it is to show international presence through the text content of an advertising website. Because, as we have just mentioned, model management usually works with English-language vocabulary. The players in the fashion and model industry themselves come from a wide variety of countries. If we come together, we could speak the most diverse languages, but the common sense is simple, mostly English, occasionally Spanish.

Sustainable search engine rankings and increased reach

Thus we provide our model agency but also in competition with other German agencies a valuable advantage in the online acquisition of new, worldwide contacts. Through the professional work, here in particular that of our media and advertising agency Lukinski, we create a strong player in the market. We build on gigantic reaches until the end of the year. Already after the first weeks we reach far over 10,000 each month. If we add our fashion and fashion blogs to this, we will already reach 60,000 young, fashion-interested people in Germany with our or us model network. With this unbeatable advantage, we are very well positioned as a model agency compared to many other competitors.

If you want to know how you can use content marketing, for example, to build sustainable reach in your target group:

Viva la Internet, viva la Google

Since we have now reached the German market so far and are medially on the first pages of search engines like Google, Bing and Co., we now want to orient ourselves towards new markets! Should the targeted twelve-fold increase in reach be possible within the next month (yes, search engine rankings take time), we will see the first results of the optimization work through multilingualism in a few weeks.

However, an increase in reach is not only interesting from the perspective of customer acquisition for entrepreneurs of all industries. Likewise, a cooperation is more relevant for customers with each increase in the number of visitors. Because, with a model booking by a medially strongly set up model file, you have not only the advantage of a strong character model: We offer you social media power, wide-reaching networks and great advertising effects alone, just by positioning your campaign in our media networks. This makes our advertising agency one of the most exciting media partners in the fashion sector.


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Media and Model Management 2015

With this unbeatable advantage we now want to go into the new year 2015 and offer our customers, not only in Germany and Europe, worldwide a strong basement for promotion and advertising purposes. As a modern model management you profit threefold: Perfect model, perfect management, perfect promotion. We are hoping for new interesting partnerships and will already create a lot of buzz on the catwalk with the orders we have completed now. We are looking forward to the year and various great fashion events and fashion events like LeBloc 2015 or the Cologne Fashion Days (Article: CFD 2014).

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