Amazon Smile: Online shopping and donations

Shopping and doing good? Now you can easily do that at Amazon Smile! When I logged into my Amazon account today, I got the new messages about the Amazon Smile program. What is the program about? Amazon gives the opportunity to donate 0.5% of sales to a non-profit organization of your choice. Skilful PR? Sure, but also a damn good idea to give something back to the world. For us, just a mouse click away. If you take a closer look at Amazon’s sales, you can see the enormous potential if everyone takes part in this campaign. What do you have to do? Instead of, go to Then you choose an organization and off you go!

If everyone participated in it, how much could Amazon get together for charitable purposes? Here we see the current revenues from Amazon (excerpts from

In 2017, Amazon achieved a total turnover of US$177.9 billion, which is 31 percent growth compared to the previous year. With three billion US dollars, Amazon has increased its earnings by 28 percent compared to 2016.

For 0.5% of sales, we would be – statistically speaking – 889.5 million US dollars annually. So almost 1 billion in donations. In summary:

  • 177.9 billion US dollar turnover (2017)
  • 31% growth compared to previous year
  • 3 billion US dollar yield (2017)
  • 28% Increase

Amazon is now one of the largest online companies in the world. Dominant not only in some countries, but in many. The market is not only dominated by online trading, Amazon is even penetrating the market more and more in the logistics sector. The previous logistics partners such as DHL should not be happy about this fact. At the same time, Amazon’s marketplace gives many other merchants the opportunity to present their products to a large audience on Amazon. We have also reported here in our advertising agency blog more often about Amazon and earning money. Like here:

Amazon Smile – Registration for the donation program

The Amazon as a global player only decides for such a project is of course PR but is also a good step, which one should support as a customer, because it is so simple! Just click on for your next purchase. Here is a short summary of what the donation project is about (excerpt: Amazon)

    1. Amazon passes 0.5% of the purchase amount of your qualified purchases on to registered organizations.
    2. is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
    3. Select an organization and start shopping on
    4. Select an organization (you can change this at any time.)

Each user already gets five possible organizations suggested. In addition to these five proposed organisations, more than 1000 other aid projects can also be decided on an individual basis. Your own aid project can be selected at any time, so you can also support various projects with small contributions.

  • UNO Refugee Aid
  • Society for Children’s Cancer Research (GKKF)
  • Animal Protection Association Berlin and Surroundings
  • Munich Tafe
  • Sea Shepherd

In the last step, I confirm the payment once again.

Yes, I understand that I must always start with so Amazon allocates 0.5% of my qualified purchases for the organization I choose.

Does this donation cost me money?

The purchase prices at Amazon remain exactly the same, so customers will not incur any additional costs if they participate in this fundraising campaign. What are you waiting for?