Veneers: Beautiful teeth from the experts – Webdesign

Veneers are not just a hot topic for business people. Actors, presenters and other public figures also depend on perfect looks. Who actually makes beautiful teeth? Already a month ago we met the two dentists and founders of MYVeneers for an interview about veneers and talked about their experience with veneers. Now the homepage is finally ready! With a fancy design and a lot of content for the extra portion of online marketing. Of course, we as an agency also put a lot of emphasis on a good structure, so that we quickly rise in the rankings of the search engines. Already 60 days after launch we could achieve absolute success. “Veneers Berlin”, “Veneers Hamburg”, “Veneers Cologne” – all on page 1! We have optimized the website not only for search engine results but also for usability. Because user behaviour plays a central role in positioning: How long do users spend on the homepage? How many pages do they look at? After a lot of conception and development, we are now online and are very excited to establish the new premium brand for veneers in Germany from 2017.

Our tip! Invisalign

Invisible braces are the absolute trend in the USA! Over 6 million happy customers. Quick, easy and invisible. Find out here from the German market leader: Invisalign

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We are very much looking forward to further cooperation!